Wild Waters now available at Stop & Shop and Giant Supermarkets

Hingham, MA; January 22, 2009 – In time for staying true to those healthy New Year’s resolutions, Wild Waters All Natural Fortified Water for Kids is now available at all Stop & Shop and Giant Supermarkets from Maine to Virginia. Stop & Shop and Giant are the most recent chains to add Wild Waters six-packs to their flavored water section.

Wild Waters Co-Founder Chris Testa remarks, “More and more parents are looking for healthier beverages for their kids and we are proud to provide a solution that offers them a low sugar, all-natural option that their kids want to drink. It’s a win-win.”

Along with tasty kid-friendly flavors, Wild Waters offers significant health benefits compared to traditional kid’s beverages. Wild Waters contain 50% less sugar than leading juices & soft drinks, no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Wild Waters are also fortified with vitamins and minerals specifically chosen to deliver the “nutrients of concern,” identified by the USDA Dietary Guidelines as lacking from children’s diets including calcium, magnesium, potassium and Vitamin E. “We wanted to offer kids the same great tasting healthy convenience that adults have access to,” noted Testa, “so our flavors, nutrients and even our name were chosen to give kids a healthy brand of their own.”

Wild Waters are available in 6-packs at Stop & Shop and Giant supermarkets with a suggested retail price of $3.99. Flavors include Lemon Wave, Flippin’ Fruit and Freestyle Wild Berry. Each custom 10 oz. bottle is perfect for smaller hands, lunch boxes and back packs. The bottle also features a sport top allowing for portability and fewer spills. Wild Waters are now available throughout the Northeast as well as select states and online at www.drinkwildwaters.com.

About Wild Waters:
Based in a suburb of Boston, Wild Waters Inc. is a privately held company committed to developing authentic, healthy and great tasting beverage brands for children. Founded in 2005 by a beverage industry expert, the company’s flagship product, Wild Waters, is an all-natural, vitamin enhanced water made specifically for children. Wild Waters are available at most major grocery chains throughout the Northeast as well as select states and online at www.drinkwildwaters.com.