Delta Blues introduces Peachy Keen


Atlanta – Delta Blues Iced Tea Company announced today the introduction of their newest Ready-To-Drink flavor, Peachy Keen. An organic brewed green tea blended with citrus juices flavored with peach and lemongrass. Peachy Keen is available in 16oz. bottles with a MSRP of $1.99. All Delta Blues Tea Punch are best served over ice. As an added bonus, our tea punch is excellent as a hot winter soother and is popular as a mixer for spirits.

Delta Blues markets 3 Ready-To-Drink Tea Punch lines from traditional Southern recipes: Deep South (Spearmint), Bayou Soleil (Tropical), and Peachy Keen (Peach/Lemongrass). Delta Blues has recently updated their packaging along with redesigned  graphics in their entirety. For additional information, please visit