NIKA becomes first CarbonFree certified water on the market


La Jolla, CA, February 24, 2009 –(– NIKA today officially launched its bottled water, NIKA Water, the first brand of water to donate all profits from sales to charity and the first CarbonFree® Certified water on the market.

Through a state of the art water purification process, NIKA is a clean, fresh tasting water bottled in California with additional planned sites located throughout the U.S. to reduce transport and associated carbon emissions. Currently, NIKA is sold in case quantities for home and business delivery at but is also planning to partner with core retailers who believe and support its mission to provide clean drinking water and safe sanitation.

Initially, NIKA’s charitable giving is focused on water projects of Free the Children, Millennium Promise and Project Concern International. Each of these organizations has substantial on-the-ground efforts throughout the world to help combat poverty by reducing the prevalence of contaminated water and unsafe sanitation.

“If we can shift just 1 percent of the annual consumption of bottled water to NIKA we would be able to donate more than $2 million per year to the impoverished world,” said Jeff Church, co-founder of NIKA. “Thus, even a small shift of bottled water consumers to NIKA will help make significant inroads around the world toward cleaner water and sanitation.”

NIKA Water earned’s CarbonFree® Product Certification after going through a rigorous life-cycle assessment (LCA). The CarbonFree® Certified water is carbon neutral as NIKA is offsetting carbon emissions associated with NIKA Water’s manufacturing, distribution and consumption, including disposal. NIKA has also pledged that for every bottle of NIKA Water sold, the company will ensure that another plastic bottle is taken out of the environment and recycled. To do this, NIKA is working with schools and universities around the U.S. to create plastic bottle buy-back programs where NIKA pays the sponsoring school a small fee for every plastic bottle they collect and recycle.

The offsetting by NIKA is done quarterly based on actual sales and supports’s Return to Forest reforestation project in southwestern Nicaragua.

The United Nations estimates that 1.1 billion people in the world lack access to safe water and 2.5 billion people lack access to safe sanitation. It is estimated that 4,500 people die per day from waterborne diseases and causes and 90 percent of these deaths are children under the age of five. Furthermore, within the next fifty years, the world population is expected to increase by 40 to 50 percent. This population growth, coupled with industrialization, urbanization and global warming will result in increasing demand for clean water, which NIKA believes could potentially eclipse the demand for oil.

About NIKA
NIKA was founded with sole purpose of using the power of water to help bring clean water to those in need. By directing 100% of its profits to alleviate water and sanitation needs in impoverished countries, NIKA hopes to solve the water needs of thousands of families throughout the world. In addition, by enlisting the youth in North America to help us with our mission, we further hope to create awareness and knowledge that act as a catalyst for thousands of youth to get involved in our quest to bring clean water to the impoverished world. To learn more about NIKA and its mission, please visit

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