TalkingRain Hires New Company President

Preston, Washington, March 18, 2009 – TalkingRain Beverage Company, a market leader for natural water and flavored beverage products in the Pacific Northwest has hired Bill Meissner as company president. Meissner assumed the role last November and is charged with leading the company’s North American expansion effort and establishing a brand presence with consumers, key retailers and wholesalers in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Meissner’s consumer packaged goods background has included several leadership roles in marketing, innovation and sales. His career spans over 20 years in the beverage industry with 10 years in various executive-level positions.

As head of brand marketing for SoBe Beverages and later as Chief Marketing Officer for FUZE Beverages, Meissner helped lead these brands to national prominence and eventual acquisition to large beverage multinationals. As CMO of Fuze, Meissner used his corporate strategy and marketing expertise to develop and launch grassroots marketing, public relations and advertising campaigns which resulted in annual sales exceeding 22 million cases of product. His leadership was also responsible for launching the NOS Energy brand that produced sales of greater than 10 million cases annually.

“I am very pleased to walk into a company that has such high-quality products”, said Meissner. “TalkingRain enjoys tremendous brand presence and awareness in the Pacific Northwest and I am very enthusiastic to help take the products to the rest of the country”.

TalkingRain is now introducing its twist and actiVwater brands to retailers and wholesalers across North America. Bill Meissner’s strategic approach to business development, his proven leadership with multi-national organizations and rapid-growth entrepreneurial companies and his deep passion for creating new exciting products makes him an incredible company asset as the team gears up for explosive growth.

TalkingRain Beverage Company distributes natural artesian spring water and flavored beverages throughout the Northwestern United States, with some product lines available nationally. The TalkingRain family of beverages includes actiVwater, twist, Sparkling ICE, airwater, TalkingRain Artesian Spring Water and TalkingRain Sparkling Water.