Jolt Energy Now Available At All AM/PM Locations

ROCHESTER, NY, MARCH, 2009 – Wet Planet Beverages and AM/PM are thrilled to announce the introduction of Jolt Energy into the AM/PM coolers! Tastefully packaged in multi-colored bottles, Jolt Energy will easily stand out to AM/PM shoppers. The world’s only 16oz re-sealable cap is user friendly and allows hours of carbonated energy, unlike the competition who fall flat after opening.

Jolt Energy’s price to value is unmatched. With a target price of $1.99, Jolt Energy hits its consumers with nearly 2,200mg of active ingredients. Jolt is refreshment energy. Simply said – good tasting energy.

Jolt Energy is available in 7 delicious flavors. Each flavor contains a generous dose of stimulating ingredients, including Taurine, Ginseng, Guarana, Vitamin B Complex.and of course Caffeine! C.J. Rapp, President of Wet Planet Beverages, said “We are thrilled to be working with AM/PM. This new partnership will further solidify Jolt Energy’s presence in the West. We look forward to a long relationship with a wonderful chain of Convenience Stores”

About JOLT
Energizing the planet since 1985, Jolt was the first-ever exhilarating beverage. Jolt was the first beverage to recognize contemporary lifestyles were busier than any generation prior. People are working longer and playing harder! Occasional exhaustion comes as a result. So there was a need for an exhilarating beverage. Considered a “renegade” over 20 years ago, JOLT altered the course of beverage history. JOLT’s irreverence is ageless and inspiring. JOLT is still in high demand among thrill seekers and young-adult trend setters. Interestingly, there is strength in Retro. Consumers have a strong thirst for popular trademarks from prior decades. For more information on Jolt Energy please visit