FRUIT2O Sponsors Youngest Female to Attempt Run Across America

CINCINNATI, March 27 /PRNewswire/ — Fruit2O(R), the original fruit-flavored water brand, is partnering with twenty-three year old Katie Visco, as she attempts to be the youngest female runner to cross America and inspire others to follow their life’s passion. As Katie makes her way across the 3,200+ mile route from Boston to San Diego, she will work with Fruit2O to help others find their passion, embrace and run towards it. Additionally, Fruit2O and Katie will work together to raise awareness and funds for Girls on the Run, a national charity focused on helping young women gain self-esteem and confidence through after-school running programs.

“Fruit2O is committed to helping women live more healthful, fulfilling lives and Katie is the perfect example of this kind of commitment. We look forward to helping her achieve her goals by continuing to raise awareness of her efforts and by providing her with enough product to keep her well-hydrated and healthy along the way,” said Dave Zellen, brand manager for Fruit2O. “With actual benefits from nutrients equal to two servings of fruit and zero calories, Fruit2O(R) Essentials(TM) is a deliciously easy way for Katie to achieve the recommended daily intake of both water and fruit nutrients while on-the-go.”

Katie will be departing from Boston, on March 29, in a historic attempt to become the youngest female ever to start a solo run across America. From Boston she then continues west, running about 100 miles per week, through major cities including New Haven, New York City, Cleveland, Chicago, Iowa City, Albuquerque, Phoenix, ending in San Diego by December 2009. While passing through each city, Katie will visit local schools and Girls on the Run chapters to share her thoughts on the importance of living a healthful and passion-driven life

“I’m grateful Fruit2O offered to support me on this journey. Fruit2O Essentials delivers the important nutrients of fruit and the refreshment of crystal clear water, which are key elements to achieving whole body health, proper hydration and will help me to accomplish my goal of running 20 miles a day for months on end,” said Katie Visco. “Beyond the nutritional support these products provide, Fruit2O is also helping me generate awareness about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle among young woman across the country.”

Fruit2O will provide Katie with bottles of its newest beverage, Fruit2O Essentials, a nutrient enhanced flavored water that has nutrients equal to two servings of fruit combined with the refreshment of crisp, clear water. Each bottle of Fruit2O Essentials provides four to five nutrients in the amounts found in two servings of fruit, with zero calories and zero sugar. There are six mouth-watering Fruit2O Essentials flavors offered, including: Cranberry Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Peach Mango, Citrus, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Cherry Acai.

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About Fruit2O(R)

Fruit2O(R) was the first fruit-flavored water to hit the shelves in March of 1999, pioneering the impressive growth of the flavored water category. Since then, Fruit2O has been committed to providing consumers with the benefits of fruit nutrients combined with the refreshment of water to help them live a healthy, happy lifestyle. Every Fruit2O product still contains zero calories, zero sugar and zero to few carbohydrates per serving, just like the original Fruit2O flavored water. The Fruit2O brand is owned by the Sunny Delight Beverage Company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. To learn more about Fruit2O and its newest offerings, visit