rhino’s Going Wild at 7-Eleven!

Washington, D.C.– (March 6, 2009)-Starting immediately, millions of Americans will be thrilled by rhino’s energy drink 24/7 at 7-Eleven. rhino’s energy drink, the number one competitor to Red Bull in Europe, is now well-poised to make a big splash in the U.S. due to its recent launch in the world’s largest convenience store chain. 7-Eleven, running 35,000 stores in 18 countries, will be offering the authentic energy-kick for trendsetters, revolutionaries and yes, even mavericks in participating stores throughout U.S. Mid-Atlantic states in a variety of 8.3 and 16.9oz cans in regular and sugar-free.

rhino’s energy is a strong brand at a reasonable price. With its high-quality, attractive assortment and premium taste, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If rhino’s is an elixir of life, 7-Eleven is a way of life, offering an extensive selection of fresh and high-quality products around the clock: just perfect for party people and bohemians. Already replacing the current market leader as the energy drink of choice at select MGM MIRAGE properties, rhino’s is getting wilder every day.

Paul Zymblosky, Vice President of Sales for rhino’s USA, “rhino’s is thrilled to partner with 7-Eleven for its launch in the Mid-Atlantic region. Much of the success rhino’s has had in the U.S. thus far has been based on the demand for a better tasting energy drink and we’re here to deliver. Finally, rhino’s can provide consumers with a product of the highest quality based on substance and style. The U.S. market is prepared for just what we offer: “strong stuff.”

Capturing close to 1100 7-Eleven stores from Delaware to North Carolina is only rhino’s first step; considering the chain’s enormous growth in the U.S. and Asia, rhino’s will stomp alongside 7-Eleven as it continues to launch throughout the U.S. and beyond. rhino’s energy – be wild!