Bebida Beverage Company launches ‘anti-energy’ drink

MOORESVILLE, North Carolina (April 14, 2009) – Bebida Beverages Company (BBDA.PK)  announces the launch of their newly developed relaxation beverage, Koma Unwind, the first in a line of smart drink and trend beverages under BBDA’s Koma brand which CEO Brian Weber adopted in his finalized acquisition of Bebida Beverage Company last week.  Koma Unwind helps meet the increasing market demand for what the industry calls ‘anti-energy’ drinks.  

“The beverage market is progressively driven by health and wellness and we feel Koma Unwind is just what the doctor ordered.”, states Weber.  “It caters to a health conscious crowd on the move.  Everything up until now has been ‘go!, go!, go!’ and energy drinks are all around us.  We know this very well with our continued success with the Potencia brand Energy drink; but this only quenches the thirst of a part of our customer base; or all of our customer base just some of the time.  Life requires balance.We all know you have to stop and smell the roses once in awhile to keep perspective on everyday life, which can be very demanding.”  

“Koma Unwind is a strategic blend of herbs and nootropics that help meet the need to take time out and relax without turning to dangerous or unhealthy alternatives such as alcohol.” States Daisy Ramirez, newly appointed Vice President of Bebida Beverage Company and CEO of Potencia USA.

A recent report from the Beverage Marketing Corporation makes some key points which help support the case for BBDA’s profitability with Koma Unwind. The report states, “The liquid refreshment beverage market is being driven by the health and wellness trend as beverages offering functional benefits are growing two to three times faster than conventional refreshment beverages. These products are more successfully tapping into the spirit of the age, which is characterized by a greater emphasis on functional, healthy products.”

The blend and flavour for Bebida’s Koma Unwind are proprietary and will be kept confidential until the drink hits the shelves, but it’s slogan, “Chill without a pill”, is boasted by Weber to be well earned as it has exceeded expectations in taste and efficacy testing in several key market segments.  BBDA VP Ramirez anticipates the product’s release with enthusiasm: “The whole world seems to be having an anxiety attack and I hope we can help them. ‘Chill without a pill.'”

Final touches are being put to packaging and labelling of the product before its release as it is made available to all of BBDA and Potencia USA distribution partners in the near future.

Weber continues to structure his new company toward establishing a lasting Brand with Bebida, including its Koma line of beverages to come with an overall increase to the company’s share value. He is currently determining how it will be best suited to align both Potencia USA LLC and Bebida Beverages for a “strong, sustainable and bright future.”

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