Julio César Chávez, the greatest Mexican boxer set to launch energy drink


Phoenix, AZ – Julio César Chávez, the greatest Mexican Boxer, a 6 time World Champion with the most decorated winning streak in boxing ever (with a 90-0 record) has bottled up the Energy that helped make him a Champion. Julio César Chávez, “Energia de Campeones” will hit shelves on Monday, April 27 in the greater Phoenix and Prescott Valley areas.

This is the first beverage company with a true Mexican Icon to brand a drink in the Energy drink market. Julio is not only the spokesperson, but a partner in the company, Julio César Chávez Bebidas, LLC.

“I am so proud of this product. I hope the drink gives my fans and fellow countrymen energy just like I used to feel in the ring”, said Julio César Chávez.

“Energía de Campeones” has a full blend of B Vitamins, Taurine, Ginseng Extract and Guarana Extract for extra sustained energy. It also contains Green Tea, a well known cleansing anti-oxidant, L-Carnitine a known fat burner and L-Glutamine which is known for its healing benefits. “Energía de Campeones” is formulated with sucrose, a natural sugar and source of energy giving a remarkably thirst quenching drink with just the right amount of carbonation.

A marketing campaign and introductory marketing materials will feature the tagline, “Energía para 12 Rounds” (Energy for 12 Rounds). The Energy Drink is one of the first consumer products to be Mobile-enabled, allowing consumers the opportunity to text in to win a chance to meet Julio and get money saving offers and special invitations. Future plans call for an expansion nationally and internationally for the product.

“With the continuing popularity of Energy Drinks and the large community of Hispanics consuming the beverage, we felt this was the perfect opportunity to develop a flavorful drink that Julio’s fans would enjoy, stated Brian Weymouth, partner, Julio César Chávez Bebidas, LLC. “We are also excited of our new partnership with Hensley who will distribute the 16 oz aluminum can to local convenience stores, grocery stores, carnicerias (butcher shops) and other stores that are reaching out to the Hispanic consumer.”

About Julio César Chávez Bebidas, LLC

Julio César Chávez Bebidas LLC is a beverage company dedicated to providing Hispanic brand products to the marketplace. Through an Icon like Julio César Chávez who is a partner, the company is able to communicate and inspire the Hispanic consumer to identify with the brand. Phoenix is the first market for the energy drink with plans for expansion to the California and Texas markets. The Bebidas Partnership includes, Julio César Chávez, Brian Weymouth, Dan Wergin and Brian Day O’Connor.