Hawaiian Airlines Chooses PRIMO Water for its Premium Meal Program

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., May 15 /PRNewswire/ — Hawaiian Airlines announced today they have selected PRIMO water as the exclusive bottled water offered with their new Premium Coach Meal program and as a key addition to their newly executed sustainability program. The new Premium Meals are now available for purchase on all flights between the mainland US and Hawaii. The PRIMO water bottle is the only nationally distributed single serve beverage bottle made from plants, not petroleum.

“PRIMO’s innovative bottled water product is the perfect complement to our new all-natural meals with completely recyclable and biodegradable service containers and cutlery,” said Louis Saint-Cyr, Vice President of Inflight Services at Hawaiian Airlines. “We have worked hard to offer our customers healthy meals that are of the highest quality and lowest impact on the environment.”

“To be chosen as the preferred bottled water by the #1 rated airline in the 2008 Airline Quality Rating study, is an honor,” said Gretchen Sussman, Vice President of Business Development for PRIMO. “Hawaiian Air is a progressive, innovative airline in respect to sustainability and a great partner for PRIMO.”

The PRIMO bottle is made from Ingeo(TM), a sustainable, natural plant based resin commonly referred to as PLA. Most plastic beverage bottles are made from petroleum based resins (PET). The PRIMO bottle is compostable, meeting all ASTM 6400 requirements, and breaks down completely in less than 60 days in proper conditions. It can be recycled, too. Petroleum based bottles cannot be composted. The PRIMO bottle is also better on the environment during resin production versus PET, emitting 75% less greenhouse gases and using 49% less energy.

About Primo Water Corporation

Primo Water Corporation, a privately-held company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, manufactures, markets, and services mineral enriched bottled water that meets both the convenience consumers seek and the environmental benefits they desire to live a better life. Three product lines make up Primo Water Corporation’s portfolio: the 3 and 5 gallon Zero Waste bottles with an exchange program that rewards consumers for recycling their bottles for refills; a line of Energy Star rated and stylish water coolers; and single-serve bottled water, in a more-environmentally-friendly bottle made from plants, not crude oil. In national blind taste tests, three out of four consumers preferred PRIMO water over the leading spring water and four out of five preferred PRIMO over tap water. To learn more, visit www.primowater.com.