EQ Smart Energy Drink Adds Three New Flavors & Goes Green

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EQ Labs, Inc. (Pink Sheets: EQLB) (the “Company”) announced its product, EQ Smart Energy Drink®, is undergoing some significant changes. Three new flavors of the effervescent energy tablet have been developed and will soon be introduced; and, the Company is “going green.”

“When you compare the taste of most energy drinks in cans, they all essentially have the same flavor,” stated Mo Owens, EQ Labs, Inc.’s CEO. “Given the fact that our product is different in application, we decided to exploit its uniqueness by providing additional options for consumers,” he said.

“Soon, consumers will find they are not restricted to one single flavor, but instead, a total of 4 choices. There will be the original flavor that has already been widely accepted because of its appealing taste, but soon, they will also be able to choose either strawberry, apple (called Mo’s Apple), and lemon lime,” claimed Owens.

Regarding green packaging, Marvin Cole, EQ Labs, Inc.’s VP of Distribution, commented, “We collaborated with the manufacturers of our packaging to develop individual packets and tubes that are environmentally friendly. Thus, in the near future, all EQ products will be sold in green (biodegradable) packaging. We have always felt some sense of social responsibility, as evidenced by our participation in and sponsorship of charitable events. The green packaging will complement the integrity of the product and convey the message that we are committed to doing our part to promote a healthier environment.”

About EQ Labs: Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, EQ Labs, Inc. manufactures and markets the EQ Smart Energy Drink®, which is an effervescent tablet that provides an instant energy drink once added to any beverage. Consisting of a blend of essential vitamins, a single tablet of EQ Smart Energy Drink® (containing no sugar and only 5 calories per serving) is the equivalent of one can of any competing energy drink on the market. EQ is sold in packets of one single tablet or 3-inch tubes of six tablets, and no refrigeration is required. A single tablet or 3-inch tube containing six tablets can be transported in a pocket or purse, and is immediately ready for use. The Company presently distributes its products through national and regional distributors.