Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. introduces two new products on the shelves of Whole Foods

Denver, Colo. – June, 15, 2009 – As part of a new vending partnership with Whole Foods, Denver-based Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. has introduced two new premium energy beverages at Whole Foods locations in Colorado and Kansas and will soon be stocking shelves in New Mexico and Utah as well.

“Both GFTea and Z17 will suit the Whole Foods customers’ focus on healthy living and vigor for an active lifestyle,” said Troy Widgery, CEO of Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. “Go Fast has paid keen attention to the consumer demand for healthy alternatives in this beverage category, and these two new products address that demand.”

Go Fast GFTea is a refreshing hint-of-tea, flavorful blend containing a combination of black tea, white tea, green tea and tea catechins, which are shown to have antioxidant and other health benefits. Honey, ginseng, ribose, vitamins B-6 and B-12, ginkgo biloba and niacin help provide a sustained energy boost without the negative effects that can be found with high-sugar beverages.

Go Fast Z17 provides the consumer a beverage with an award-winning, refreshing taste and tea catechins for added benefit. Both new Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. products are lightly carbonated, should be served chilled and contain NO high fructose corn syrup and NO preservatives.

About Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co.

Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. is based in Denver, Colorado and is rapidly growing distribution in the United States and around the world in countries such as Holland, England, Canada, Hungary and Mexico. Go Fast produces premium energy beverages in support of healthy, active and adventurous lifestyles worldwide. With a line of Go Fast sports apparel, Go Fast Jet Pack performances and Go Fast Events, Go Fast is a genuine Lifestyle Brand.