Snow to hit Manhattan this summer

New York, New York – Snow Beverages has announced that it is teaming up with Manhattan Beer Distributors (MBD) to launch its exciting new line of Natural Soda + Vitamins in Manhattan, New York. MBD, one of the largest beer distributors in the country, has been building its non-alcoholic portfolio in recent years and is quickly becoming a major player in the non-alcoholic sector of the beverage market in New York City.

“This is an incredible opportunity for Snow Beverages to partner with one of the largest beverage distributors at this stage in the development of its non-alcoholic business because we believe that MBD is especially wellpositioned to focus on building and nurturing a new brand,” said Stu Strumwasser, President & CEO of Snow Beverages. “Manhattan Beer is one of the largest, most powerful and well-run distributors that we have met. We are excited to be affiliated with them as we begin to offer our new products to independents and chains throughout our hometown.”

According to Snow Beverages, Snow Natural Soda + Vitamins offers consumers a refreshing alternative to the common soft drink by combining the familiar and super-popular flavors of traditional soft drinks with new age beverage attributes including being natural and fortified with vitamins and antioxidants. The beverages are subtly sweetened with cane sugar, lightly carbonated, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and contain NO fake sugar, NO caffeine and NO artificial anything. The line was launched in November of 2008 in approximately 350 supermarket locations. That number grew to around 1000 stores throughout the East Coast by May of 2009. Snow Beverages is now building its base by growing into select DSD markets, beginning with New York.

In addition, the company announces that Snow Beverages recently transferred the rights in the name SNOW (in the EU and for beer only) to SAB Miller of South Africa and its joint venture partner, China Resources Snowflake Brewery, for an undisclosed but substantial sum. Snow Beverages has exclusive and valuable rights to the name SNOW for beverages other than beer in both the U.S. and the EU.

“The value of the name ‘Snow’ is somewhat obvious,” stated Strumwasser. “The succinct and powerful onesyllable representation of ‘coolness’ and ‘refreshment’ is befitting of a natural and fortified soda. Furthermore, Snow has only positive and happy associations – snowball fights, days off from school and things like romantic images of mystical woods. We aspire to someday make our brand a household name.”