Venga Fuctional Infusions signs with Aqua Maestro in Florida

Delray Beach, FL-(June 17, 2009)-In yet another example of its rapidly growing popularity, Venga® functional infusions will now be handled statewide in Florida through Fort Lauderdale based Aqua Maestro. Already recognized for its distribution of more than 40 of the world’s finest still, sparkling and naturally carbonated mineral waters, Aqua Maestro is going to be integrating Venga® into its DSD operations and working to assign new distributors and retailers across the state. Currently, Aqua Maestro operations service retail accounts, foodservice operators and distributors throughout Florida and across the United States. The company has distinguished itself from other importers and distributors through its Internet site which also enables the company to service consumers directly.

Beverage Innovations, Inc., makers of Venga® functional infusions, TeaWAVE® Smoothies, Tropics® 100% Natural Infusions and Island Rose® teas, and a leader in the premium, upscale functional beverage market with customers in over 35 countries on 5 continents will be working with Aqua Maestro to ensure the smooth transition for current customers and to help support the opening of new distribution opportuntiies.

Venga is a truly functional, premium beverage that combines antioxidant rich teas with 100 percent natural and exotic fruit juices, vitamins and nutraceuticals in a preservative-free, great tasting blend. Venga is a ready-to-drink, non-carbonated beverage that comes in six (6) distinct flavors/functions to help consumers achieve their goals, perform their best and relax. These functions include Energize, Daily Dose, Rehydrate, Calorie Burn, Brainstorm and Health Zen. With no HFCS’s, no preservatives and bursting with all the good stuff mother nature has to offer.and a little more.Venga delivers the nutritional and functional benefits consumers desire in a great tasting blend of exotic fruit flavors and teas.

“We’ve built a reputation and business on seeking out new and high-quality products for our customers that deliver on their promise and that describes Venga,” said Brett Spitalny, General Manager of Aqua Maestro. “Besides the functional benefits and superior ingredients, we love the taste and we are confident our partners and their customers will too.”

“We’ve been searching for the right partner in Florida, our home state, who could service customers right in our back yard so we’re truly pleased to be working with Aqua Maestro,” said Jamie Day, Managing Partner of Beverage Innovations. “We invested heavily in the research and development of Venga and consulted with leading beverage and nutraceutical experts to create the next generation of functional beverages that deliver on their promise. We know that Aqua Maestro understands what Venga’s all about and we’re confident they’ll take us where we need to go in Florida.”

About Beverage Innovations, Inc.

Beverage Innovations, Inc. offers specialty beverage solutions to world class customers in 35 countries on 5 continents, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, United Arab emirates, South Africa, South Korea and Australia. Beverage Innovations markets and sells upscale beverages under its own brands Tropics®, Venga®, Villagio®, TeaWAVE®, and Island Rose® teas.