It Aint Easy Being Blue


CHARLOTTE – High Voltage Beverages has added Blue Melon Shock to its VOLT® line of energizing carbonated soft drinks.

The new flavor joins the Original Citrus Shock, Diet Citrus Shock, Tropical Mango Shock, Pineapple Shock, and Fruit Punch Shock.

Like the original Citrus Shock VOLT®, these new soft drinks are powered by caffeine, at least 30% more than ANY SODA, plus taurine, ginseng, and guarana to give drinkers the charge they crave. Volt® is the only soda with the unique blend of caffeine, ginseng, taurine, guarana and electrolytes.

“Consumers want variety, they want change. They don’t want to be drinking the same flavors that their parents and grandparents drank. Some family traditions should come to an end”, said Bill Sipper, president of High Voltage Beverages. “The feedback from our Facebook and Myspace pages has been really fun so far. People love it when they taste it.”

“The Original VOLT® Citrus Shock continues to be the cornerstone of the brand,” Sipper said. “But customers also want to have fun and get energized. No one makes a Blue Melon soda and we are broadening the consumers ability to make different choices”.

VOLT® soft drinks are distributed through convenience stores in 20-ounce bottles.

About VOLT®

High Voltage Beverages is located in Charlotte, NC. Owen Ryan created the VOLT® brand in 1997 and over the years he carefully researched it with consumers across America. He heard them say they wanted drinks that were different than the same old sodas and sports drinks their parents and grandparents drank. They wanted more choices and more taste intensity than offered by those leading carbonated citrus sodas and sports drinks brands that have been around since practically forever!