Double D Beverage Corp. unveils the evolution of Beaver Buzz

Latimer Lake BC – in their continued movement towards athletes and functionality, Double D Beverage Corp will launch the Beaver Buzz Sport Brand trade wide and this will be the featured package going forward.

The new Beaver Buzz logo sports an edgy fierce looking Beaver Mascot and features high quality natural ingredients.

Company President and CFO Andrew Drayson said “Despite more than 4 years of success with the Beaver Buzz Energy brand, we feel that it is important to always evolve… the re-branding has given us the opportunity to further connect with our core audience, the grassroots athlete/sports fan.”

The new branding will start with Citrus, Saskatoon Berry, Green Tea and Core Energy and will launch Beaver Buzz in the US CEO Richard DeBanks added “In this last year we are really starting to hit our stride by focusing on natural ingredients, functionality and amateur/grass roots sport, it. It’s ironic that we owe this success to a conversation both Andrew and I had over dinner with one of our leading competitors a tier one beverage company”

Double D Beverage Corp. is a functional beverage company that was launched in 2005 and is now the largest independent beverage company in Canada. $0 $0For more information visit or