Evian is back with an ambitious new advertising campaign

At the very same time that Danone Waters of America and Evian are entering a new era, Evian® Natural Spring Water is about to trigger a wave of youthful optimism with the new Evian Live Young™ advertising campaign, launching globally on July 3rd.

Evian Natural Spring Water is precious and pure; a miracle of nature! Every drop of Evian takes more than 15 years to filter through mineral rich glacial sands in the pristine French Alps, providing uniquely balanced mineral composition and natural purity. It is only appropriate that the brand should depict babies, a universal symbol of what is precious and pure, and embody the unique attributes of Evian Natural Spring Water.

“Live Young™,” Evian’s new signature message, is the ultimate expression of Evian brand values, including origin, health and youth.

For the first time, internet and social media are at the heart of an ambitious media campaign, including:

•Two viral “teaser” videos already viewed by more than 500,000 times since their launch in early June

• a new website – www.evianliveyoung.com – already hosting the viral films and the eagerly-awaited film as of July 3rd

• influential bloggers already a buzz, and who will continue to talk about the new Evian Live Young campaign

• YouTube will host the ad on its homepage on July 6th

• more than 300 websites will run the 100% digital advertising campaign throughout the summer


If you cannot access youtube.com, please follow this link. http://evianliveyoung.digitalfactory.pro/films-US/