Bebida Beverages says CHILLAX with a KOMA UNWIND in 2009!

MOORESVILLE, N.C. August 12, 2009)( Bebida Beverages Company and its KOMA UNWIND brand have announced today final can design and flavors have been choosen and a September full production is now scheduled for KOMA UNWIND a brand new “Chillaxation Drink . Upon the purchase of Bebida Beverages CEO Brian Weber had made early on changes to the product portfolio and the direction of the company for the future growth, prosperity and increased shareholder value. We got a little ahead of ourselves when we made this change from a energy drink to a relaxation drink early on. With the economy picking up, designers and flavor houses at capacity it took a bit longer for us to get the final product where we wanted .” Said Brian. “We are very happy with the final product and now taking orders from our many distributors looking to add KOMA UNWIND to their portfolio in the coming months.”Added Brian. Another change aside from design and flavor recently has been the down size from 20 oz bottle to a 12 oz can. After extensive research it was really a no brainer, as most people Unwinding don’t care to drink so much liquid before sleep or “Chillaxing” Said VP Daisy Ramirez.

We are also excited that continued interest in our products, POTENCIA ENEGRY DRINK, POTENCIA BLAST ENERGY SHOT, KOMA UNWIND & PIRANHA WATER. We have been in talks with several national C- Store retailers about co branding with our NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Team and Driver. The opportunities for massive media exposure during the NASCAR events along with our Marketing rollout make these deals unbelievably viable for retailers. Their investment in our team is more about shelf space and purchase orders then hard cash. Which during these economic recovery times is more viable. “It’s pretty simple, they purchase our products (which they do anyway) we give them national media exposure and a rallying point with our race team”! Said Brian Weber. “We are always looking for retailers that are interested in participating in these type deals “added Brian

POTENCIA Energy Drink is a 3 year old all natural fruit energy drink developed for Latino’s but loved by everyone! With the initial flavor of Tamarind and the second flavor mandarin due out soon.

Bebida Beverages Co. Is the maker and developer of several beverages including: Piranha Water, Guppy Water, Koma Unwind (Chillaxation Beverage) and Koma Shot.