Delta Blues Iced Tea Company adds distribution through Tree of Life,

(January 8, 2010)- Delta Blues Iced Tea Company announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Tree of Life, Inc., the nation’s leading distributor of natural, organic, specialty, ethnic and gourmet food products.

Leslie McKinney Bass, CEO and president of Delta Blues comments, “Tree of Life’s strong distribution capabilities will provide an excellent opportunity to broaden our category reach of tea punch.” Delta Blues Tea Punch is the most distinguishable tea-based drink in the tea category. Made from organic brewed tea, citrus juices, pure cane sugar and all natural ingredients, Delta Blues is available in 3 flavors: Deep South (Spearmint), Bayou Soleil (Tropical Fruits), and Peachy Keen (Peach/Lemongrass); all in 16 oz. glass bottles. For information on how to procure this delicious new beverage in your stores, contact Delta Blues or your Tree of Life Territory Manager.

About Delta Blues

Nashville native, Leslie McKinney Bass, who at the time, was living in Chicago, founded Delta Blues Iced Tea Company in 2001. Upon hearing a rendition of blues tunes gliding from a ‘garage combo’ over city rooftops, she longed for Tennessee. Missing her family’s recipes, devoted to Creole and southern cuisine, she returned to harmonica lessons as a way to connect southbound. But it wasn’t enough, so she recreated that ‘Sweet Sip of Southern Hospitality.’ Though making tea punch for several farmers’ markets in Chicago was as tough as “puttin’ socks on a rooster,” the beverage was a hit. She decided to market it year- round. For additional information, please visit:

About Tree of Life

Tree of Life is a leading marketer and distributor of natural, organic, gourmet, specialty, and multicultural food products to supermarket chains, independent grocers, natural/health food stores, and specialty/ethnic stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Tree of Life’s network of sales associates, vendors and retailers is supplied through distribution centers across the U.S. and Canada. Their goal is to meet the needs of retailers and suppliers through excellence in distribution, marketing and merchandising, and continuous improvement of their environmentally-friendly business practices. Tree of Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Wessanen in The Netherlands. For more information about Tree of Life, visit