Reporter’s notebook: PepsiCo to tinker with flavors?

PepsiCo Inc. appears poised to tinker with new flavors for two of its largest flanking brands, according to the company’s recent trademark filings.

In the last four months, the company filed five new trademarks for its high-caffeine diet line, Pepsi Max. The variations – Cease Fire, Blackjack Cherry, Aces Wild Cherry, Fire Chaser, and Lime Chaser – suggest both the company’s continued willingness to tinker with that brand (which started as Diet Pepsi Max, after all) and a willingness to push the Pepsi brand name into edgier territory.

The firm also filed applications for what appear to be candidates for its next DewMocracy promotion: Distortion, White Out, White Flash and Typhoon. Additionally, PepsiCo filed an application for Diet Mtn Dew Pursuit, which could indicate that last year’s diet-only, limited-time extension, Ultraviolet, proved a success.

On the energy front, the company may be preparing to follow the example of other energy brands by spreading its AMP label onto food products. PepsiCo filed applications for an AMP Logo and trademark to be used on energy chews or mints.

PepsiCo also filed trademarks for Perk and Level Up, with little explanation.