Teacrest creates private label brand division

Palm Beach Gardens, FL Jan 27, 2010 . With over 75 years of tea and flavor expertise and addressing the rapidly growing demand for private label brands by stores and consumers across the country Teacrest Corporation, is pleased to announce the formation of its private label brand division to meet the specific needs of store chains and distributors for their own brand of premium RTD all-natural and organic teas at a very competitive cost.

“We see this as a fantastic opportunity for Teacrest”, said Maurice Hakim, President of Teacrest. “Our proprietary line of T42 teas has been critically acclaimed ever since we started the company and over the years we’ve solely focused our efforts on growing our T42 brand. ”

Earth Fare, the 2d largest organic / all-natural food store chain in the USA, asked Teacrest to duplicate in the organic format several of our all-natural RTD tea profiles as well as create several new ones. Launched in early June, Earth Fare’s organic teas have met with a remarkable consumer response. The original 6 sku line has already expanded to 10, including 4 green teas, 3 black teas and 3 yerba matés. This includes an unsweetened Iced Tea with Lemon and an unsweetened Traditional Yerba Maté.

According to David Bowles, Director of Purchasing for Earth Fare, “Of course, we have given significant support to the launching of our own line. The fact our customers have responded so favorably re-confirms our belief that making our own premium niche, organic teas was the right decision as was choosing Teacrest to make them for us.”

Mr. Hakim added, “A lot of prestige comes with being chosen by Earth Fare. That can only enhance our efforts as we move forward to expand our private label business especially as a rapidly growing number of retailers and their customers seek quality as well as savings.”

Private label product development is currently underway with several distributors and store chains. Teacrest client Pacific Bottleworks, a Canadian distributor based in Vancouver, BC, recently launched its own all-natural tea and caffeine-free herbal tea line under its new “Good Drink” label.

Mr. Hakim added, “Our philosophy has always been that an RTD tea should be a refreshing beverage, one where the taste of tea is primary and not dominated by secondary flavors, sweeteners or exotic health enhancements. Our teas are quite unlike any other RTD teas that currently populate the retail shelves.”