Acai Roots Has United With Sysco San Diego To Increase Distribution

San Diego, California – Nov 30, 2010 – Acai Roots™, a leading supplier of Amazon-grown acai berry products, announced today it has recently joined forces with Sysco San Diego for wholesale distribution and sale of its Frozen Smoothie Pouches throughout the San Diego (CA) region. 

With over 100 Sysco reps now offering their premium frozen acai pulp to numerous local food-service customers, Acai Roots™ hopes to gain even more territory in this already predominant district.

"Our brand awareness in San Diego is very strong, and there is a large demand in the area for our products," said Igor Pereira, Acai Roots™ CEO. "With Sysco supporting our distribution, we expect to gain a lot more territory and efficiency in the area." added Pereira.

"The demand for our acai pulp is constantly increasing, both locally as well as nationwide. We are excited to work with Sysco San Diego; it will certainly strength our wholesale position locally," said Marco Rega, Director of Sales at Acai Roots™.

Acai Roots™ Pure Acai Smoothie Pouches are a perfect option for those looking to offer acai smoothies and acai bowls at their establishments – two already very popular menu items in Southern California that are gaining much popularity throughout the entire United States territory.

"With more customers looking for healthier alternatives, Acai Roots™ is able to meet that demand while maintaining a high quality product," said Chandler Dove, Sysco San Diego marketing specialist.

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About Acai Roots
Acai Roots™, not just a berry, a lifestyle!™is a leading supplier of Amazon-grown Brazilian acai berry products. The company was founded in 2005 by native Brazilians who, upon finding the acai available in the United States disappointing, decided to bring the real deal themselves. Its founders are committed to their original objective: "bring delicious, authentic and healthy Brazilian-style acai to America, along with its lifestyle."

Acai Roots™ products are made with natural wild harvested acai berries from Belem – region in the State of Para where Brazil produces its "cream of the crop" acai (depending on the region it is harvested, the nutritional facts and taste may vary). The company manufactures and distributes a full line of pure acai berry products formulated to exact standards by native Brazilians. Acai Roots™ is dedicated to supporting the sustainable harvesting of acai berries in the Brazilian Amazon which helps protect the rainforest and supports local communities in Brazil.