H2Om launches exciting new line at Expo West

Los Angeles, California – March 12th, 2010 – The premium award winning spring water brand H2Om Water with Intention, released further details today about the launch of their 100% Regenerate™ recycled bottle at this year’s Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim California.

After several years of research and development, H2Om Water with Intention announced that their bottled water products would from now on be bottled in Regenerate™, an FDA-approved, BPA and toxin free, 100% recycled PET1 bottle. H2Om’s strategy is to use the most eco friendly and safest packaging option available to date, while completely eliminating their dependence on new petroleum based plastics and virgin resources. Since their inception in 2006 H2Om has been actively working to find long-term solutions to delivering the cleanest source of natural spring water in the most sustainable way, while making the safety of the consumer their number one priority.

“We are proud to be the first major spring water brand in the US to introduce a 100% recycled plastic bottle that is BPA and toxin free. This is a big step for the beverage industry and for H2Om. A lot of companies are promoting the use of additives that breakdown over time to make claims of biodegradability, but after our extensive research, our concerns were that if the bottles began to prematurely derogate, that the consumer might be ingesting additives that could be harmful to them. That’s why we chose Regenerate™. It made sense to make use of the recycling process, while keeping the consumer safe from potentially hazardous risks. ” said H2Om founder Lex Lang.

Over the last two years H2Om had considered the use of Corn PLA, Enso and Revert biodegradable additives as bottle material options. Unfortunately they did not pass H2Om’s specific safety standards. It is also illegal in the state of California to advertise “Biodegradable” or “Compostable” on a beverage product, per California State Bill AB 1972. And H2Om is local to California.

“We believe biodegradable additives would be best used on the landfills. We also believe when you place the word “biodegradable” on a bottle it encourages the consumer to throw the bottle away, reducing the reuse of the materials, and creating more waste on the planet. Even if the bottle breaks down in 1-5 years it would still pose a serious threat to birds, ocean animals and other precious sea life. ” said H2Om founder Sandy Fox.

H2Om Water with Intention is dedicated to creating alliances with companies that inspire social and environmental awareness. They have been partners with Carbonfund.org since 2007 and were the first bottled spring water brand to completely offset their carbon footprint through the organization. As environmental leaders, H2Om has set the precedent for sustainability practices in the beverage and bottled water industries.

Proceeds from H2Om’s revenues benefit organizations developing education on recycling and awareness relating to world water issues and our environment.

H2Om Water with Intention is the premiere eco natural spring water brand and gold medal winner of The Berkeley Spring”s International Water Tasting. Featured in The Wall St. Journal and TIME Magazine, H2Om places positive intentions on their label as a reminder for individuals to create positive intention in their lives.

This weekend H2Om launched their exciting new line of Regenerate™ .5 liter bottles, new 1 liter multi intentional SPA and 1.5 liter bottles, and the H2Om signature series of eco refillable containers at the Natural Products Expo West.