ávitae caffeinated water Reaches Agreements to Sell Product through Speedway/SuperAmerica and Kroger Stores

March 18, 2010, Dublin, OH – Vitality Distributing, the maker of ávitae caffeinated water, has entered into agreements with two of the most highly respected retailers in the country, Speedway SuperAmerica and Kroger Stores.

ávitae will provide avitae through all 1600 Speedway SuperAmerica Stores nationwide, a territory that stretches throughout the Midwest from West Virginia to Minnesota. Speedway, is widely regarded as one of the largest and most highly regarded convenience store chains in the country. Kroger is the country’s largest supermarket chain, with over 3500 stores through 30 states operates under 12 banner names. For the time being, avitae will be sold in 600 stores across four regions through all of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and parts of Illinois and Kentucky.

“Speedway and Kroger are true icons in the retail environment. Each year both companies are constantly recognized for their innovation and strength in their respective markets. For them to embrace ávitae means so much to us and the brand.” says Brian Pitzer, Vitality Distributing CEO. “These last eight months have been amazing and for us to be where we are as quickly as we are is hopefully a sign that the country is ready to embrace ávitae on a national level. We’ve learned so much, I can’t wait to see what we do with the lessons learned! I think we’ve just been truly blessed, from the wonderful distribution network to the once in a lifetime retailers, we just couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Regarding why Pitzer believes ávitae has been embraced so quickly, he says “I just think so many of us are tired of putting wild ingredients in our bodies that we really have no idea what they are. Who cares if there are no calories, carbs, fats, whatever.if there’s 20 ingredients and you can’t pronounce any of them, that doesn’t sit well with me. ávitae allows us to get the healthy hydration we want but with the caffeine kick we need.”

About Vitality Distributing:

Vitality Distributing Inc., a Dublin, Ohio-based company, has launched a new beverage called ávitae, from the latin word vitae meaning life. ávitae is a new beverage category, caffeinated water, and offers drinkers a dramatically different enjoyment level that provides the boost they want without anything they don’t. ávitae has no artificial ingredients, no sugar, no calories, and is a colorless beverage that has the same refreshing taste as purified water and contains about as much caffeine as a diet soft drink. For current information on ávitae including where it can be purchased, please visit www.avitae45.com. You can also follow ávitae on Twitter at @avitae45 and on Facebook.