Costco Texas Picks Up Revolution 3D

(PHOENIX, AZ – March 5, 2010) Premium beverage creator, Revolution 3D, is pleased to announce that Costco Texas has agreed to market in-line, it’s top selling flavor 3D Pomegranate, an all-natural beverage.

“We are pleased to work with Costco as they are considered a market leader in the retail community and have discerning consumers”, announced President of Revolution, David Watson. Texas has proven to be a strong market for Revolution 3D. “The feedback from Texans has been outstanding, thus selling 3D in the 17 Costco’s in the Lone Star State was a natural next retail step for us”.

The company looks forward to expanding their brand to Costco’s in other states.

Revolution 3D is an all-natural blend of healthy white tea, super fruit and essential vitamins, and available in 5 flavors (3D Pomegranate, 3D Blueberry, 3D Mango, 3D Apple and 3D Pink Grapefruit).

About Revolution 3D:

Revolution has been transforming the beverage industry since 1998. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Revolution has a passion to offer premium beverages, full-leaf teas and distinguishable packaging. For more information on Revolution products, visit: or