Game Juice Expands Distribution into Greater Los Angeles and Michigan-based Hiller’s Markets

April 15, 2010, Miami, FL – Game Juice Inc. announced today that it has reached agreement with Malta Investment Enterprises to promote and introduce Game Juice® to the Greater Los Angeles, Bakersfield, and Kern County areas. By partnering with Malta and its access to convenience stores and youth-targeted retail locations, Game Juice® expands into a market that has more than 3.5 million consumers between the ages of 12-24. This group makes up approximately 22% of the Los Angeles area’s total population and an impressive 13% of the total US population in the same age range. Also important are Malta’s partner Gil Juarez’s connections within the California teen and urban music community, to which Game Juice® will be heavily promoted.

In Michigan, Game Juice is also now available in Hiller’s Markets, a privately owned, upscale grocery chain in business since 1941 and with locations in Ann Arbor, Berkley, Commerce Township, Northville, Plymouth, Union Lake and West Bloomfield. Hiller’s adds to Game Juice’s growing list of high-quality retailers carrying Game Juice® secured by Michigan-based IAO Management.

“Working with Malta, Mr. Juarez and their Southern California connections to youth-targeted retailers, convenience store owners and music industry connections is a great step forward for Game Juice,” said Matt Rosenberg, President of Game Juice Inc. “They have a strong reach into communities that are highly populated by teens and youth, many of which are already living the ‘Game Juice®’ lifestyle. We are looking forward to growing quickly in one of the top two youth markets in the United States.”

“Game Juice’s expansion in Los Angeles with us provides a great opportunity to connect with one of the most progressive, trend-setting markets in the USA,” said Cesar Malta, President of Malta Investment Enterprises. “We see the opportunity that Southern California presents to a youthful, edgy well-received brand like Game Juice, and we are glad to be first-to-market to set the trend locally. We look forward to growing together.”

Malta Investment Enterprises can be contacted at (661) 578 9089.

Additional information about Hiller’s Markets is available at

For more information, please contact Matt Rosenberg of Game Juice Inc. at (786) 525 6969 or at

About Game Juice®

Game Juice® is the first gamer-created drink that fills the gap between sodas and energy drinks for an entire generation of people that play all types of games. Created with the direct input of teens, gamers and extreme sports enthusiasts, Game Juice® features an Apple & Ginger flavor, four B Vitamins, real sugar, and moderate caffeine and Taurine in a game-sport grip bottle. For more information, go to or contact Matt Rosenberg at (786) 525-6969 or