Snow Beverages Expands Distribution

New York, New York – Snow Beverages announced today several new distribution agreements intended to expand the company’s reach and also provide opportunity to generate final “proof of concept” for the company to utilize in raising institutional capital.

At the end of 2008, Snow Beverages launched their line of Natural Soda + Vitamins described as NATURALLY REFRESHILICOUS soda, made with popular flavors, natural cane sugar and a pinch of vitamins. The following year was one of targeted growth for the company. In 2009, they expanded their reach from approximately 350 major east-coast supermarket outlets to close to 1000 (most recently including the additions of Big Y and Central Market.) This year, Snow will focus on building success “up and down the street” in a limited number of mid-sized northeast markets with high concentrations of colleges. Stu Strumwasser, the company’s CEO said, “If you look at a city like Providence, Rhode Island, there you have about four percent as many people as you do in our hometown of New York, but the number of major colleges is actually about the same. That gives us an opportunity to reach out to that audience in a very targeted and cost-effective way.” Strumwasser added, “College students relate to our product, messaging and company values. They like soda, but more and more they don’t want to tolerate the unhealthy ingredients of the old, traditional sodas. We invite them to join The Soda Revolution. Our products are delicious and come in the flavors they know and love, but they are completely natural and also fortified with vitamins.”

In order to build a contiguous corridor of concentrated distribution the company has entered into distribution partnerships with some of the finest mid-sized, independent beverage distributors in the northeast including Northeast Beverages in Providence/Newport, Rhode Island, Rogo Distributors in Hartford, CT, and Saratoga Eagle in Albany/Saratoga, NY (launching in June.)

Strumwasser expands on the strategy behind the targeted growth by adding, “There is a geographic overlap in these markets with numerous colleges, independent retailers and some of the chains we are already in such as Stop & Shop—the number one northeast grocer. As we build out those markets, we will continue to seed Boston and New York (soft launch) until we acquire the financing and necessary resources for a full scale launch.”

Along with making natural sodas, Snow Beverages also works toward supporting the health of the planet. As members of 1% for the Planet, the company is part of an alliance of businesses that donates one percent of sales to environmental organizations. This year the company introduced “Save the Snowflakes,” an environmental educational program for children K-5th grades to teach them about global warming and how to participate in preventing it.

Snow Beverages was founded in 2005 with the mission to create beverages that provide consumers with all the fun, exuberance and delicious indulgence of soda without any of the artificial ingredients or unauthentic marketing. With headquarters in New York City, Snow Beverages is aggressively focused on satisfying the expectations and demands of consumers disenfranchised within the multi-billion dollar soft drink industry.

Snow Natural Soda + Vitamins is the NATURALLY REFRESHILICOUS soda made in flavors you know and love, natural cane sugar and a pinch of vitamins. In 12oz slim cans, Snow Natural Soda + Vitamins is available in three flavors including Pure Cola, Lemon Lime and Cranberry PomRaz. Snow is available at Stop & Shop, Giant, Ingles, Shaw’s, Bloom, Food Emporium, as well as hundreds of boutique independent grocers in Providence and Manhattan. No-calorie versions will be introduced later this year.

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