Kombucha Wonder Drink Sales Skyrocket as Retailers Pull Raw Competitors from Store Shelves

PORTLAND, Ore. – June 25, 2010 – Kombucha Wonder Drink, one of the first brands to help launch the $300 million kombucha beverage category nearly 10 years ago, is likely now one of its fastest growing following a nationwide removal last week of raw kombucha.

Prompted by elevated alcohol levels, retailers such as Whole Foods Market pulled all raw kombucha from shelves earlier this week, asking manufacturers to put procedures in place to ensure beverages stay within approved alcohol levels before they could return.

Kombucha Wonder Drink, on the other hand, is the largest – and one of the few – pasteurized products in the marketplace, which ensures that it is consistently safe, stable and well under the federal .5 percent alcohol limit. Its kombucha, which fans boast is the best tasting, remains on store shelves nationally.

“We made the decision at the very beginning to pasteurize our beverages because we recognized the potential volatility of alcohol levels in a raw product,” said Steve Lee, founder and tea industry veteran who previously co-founded Stash Tea and Tazo. “It’s unfortunate for many to have their favorite raw brands disappear from the stores, but we want to assure them that Kombucha Wonder Drink is not only safe, it retains all of the detoxifying, energizing wonders of traditional kombucha.”

Kombucha is a fermented drink recognized for centuries in cultures around the globe as a flavorful health tonic. The pasteurization process used by Kombucha Wonder Drink ensures the absence of alcohol while retaining the healthful and beneficial organic acids resulting from the fermentation process. To be extra certain of product safety, the company undergoes independent laboratory testing to ensure strict compliance with federal alcohol guidelines.

About Kombucha Wonder Drink

Kombucha Wonder Drink, a refreshing sparkling beverage, is available in 14 oz. bottles and 8.4 oz. cans in eight certified organic flavors infused with tea. They include Asian Pear Ginger, Cherry Cassis, Juniper Berry, Spearmint & Lemon, Essence of Lemon, Essence of Mango, Essence of Peach, Traditional Blend, and Jasmine Niagara Grape. Available at most Whole Foods Markets and other specialty retailers nationwide, Kombucha Wonder Drink is also available online through Amazon and Alice. For more information and a store locator visit www.wonderdrink.com.