Modjo Life Natural Energy Shots Come to GNC, Circle K

Not all energy shots are created equal. That’s why a General Nutrition Centers (GNC), Circle K and others have agreed to make Modjo Life Natural Energy Shots a part of their shot offerings. Modjo Life provides natural energy with zero caffeine, natural flavors, organic cane juice, vitamins and antioxidants. Like all Modjo products, the ingredient blend is based upon research from leading health organizations like the respected Mayo Clinic.

Whether it’s Tangy Island Punch or the Grape Pomegranate, consumers will enjoy great taste and Modjo Life’s blend of oils and essences of orange, passion fruit, dark cherry, mango, pineapple, grape and pomegranate flavors. With Modjo Life Natural Energy Shots there’s no compromising on taste.  .

With more countries, states and municipalities banning or considering a ban on caffeine-laden energy drinks, Modjo Life Natural Energy Shots provide a caffeine free energy boost without the jitters and crash often associated with potentially dangerous caffeinated drinks. Modjo Life Natural Energy Shots provide a natural boost from a combination of vitamins and anti-oxidants blended together to create NRGx, our special patent pending energy formula. Enjoy!