Acai Roots Teams Up With Reef for New Social Collaboration

San Diego, CA (June, 2011) – Acai Roots, a lifestyle brand, top supplier of natural and organic Brazilian style super food acai products, is pleased to announce a first time sandal collaboration with Carlsbad based surf brand, Reef. The Reef Ah-Sy-Ee sandal, which retails for $40, is adorned with Acai seeds harvested sustainably by Acai Roots. Through the sale of the seeds to Reef, Acai Roots has pledged that 100% of the net profits from the collaboration will be donated to Rhythm of Hope, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of people in marginalized communities in Brazil.

Apart from the humanitarian aspect of the donation, this particular project also helps raise awareness to the importance of sustainability in the Amazon. Local farmers and families benefit from wild harvesting of the acai berries, which is done by hand, but also by utilizing the seeds to make jewelry, or in this case, a decorative bead for a sandal. Furthermore, the employment opportunities created by the sustainable practices in the Amazon serve as motivation for locals to continue to protect the rainforest.

“We are very excited about this project in partnership with Reef. At Acai Roots, we put into practice a responsible and sustainable business culture. This collaboration is a great opportunity to make a positive impact and raise awareness to very important causes,” said Igor Pereira, Acai Roots co-founder and CEO.

The partnership with Rhythm of Hope is near and dear to Acai Roots, as well as Reef, because of the strong Brazilian connection to both brands. Net profits raised from the collaboration will directly benefit art-based programs intended to provide hope to the many underprivileged children of the Favela’s in Brazil.

The Reef Ah-Sy-Ee sandal is currently available for purchase at select retailers around the world.