Angels Of Mercy Hold Preview of Functional Beverage That Offers Hangover Prevention

NEW YORK, N.Y. – The creators of MERCY®, a new beverage that helps to prevent the symptoms of hangovers, held a private tasting of the drink for key influencers today.  Targeting a newly identified category of responsible drinkers in need of a product to counteract the effects of hangover symptoms, MERCY’s 8.4 functional ounces of prevention are worth a pound of cure.  Backed by more than seven years of formula development, each can of MERCY is capable of preventing the after-effects of up to five alcoholic beverages when consumed during a night of drinking. 

“The morning after is really just too late for recovery,” noted Dave Shor, MERCY’s CEO.  “While there are products on the market that promise relief the day after alcohol consumption, the truth of the matter is that by the time a hangover sets in, it’s nearly irreversible.”

MERCY – a custom blend of amino acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins – is formulated and proven to replenish key nutrients and jump-start the body’s natural recovery process before hangover symptoms like headaches and nausea have the chance to set in.

MERCY is not an energy drink and it will not prevent intoxication.  Instead, utilized as a mixer with alcohol, or served chilled on its own, MERCY can be consumed without any side effects while it helps to prevent the symptoms of hangovers.  Additionally, unlike most other functional beverages, MERCY is cold-filled and canned, which prevents any exposure to light and heat, preserving the effectiveness of the drink’s vitamins and nutrients.

MERCY further differentiates itself in that it is caffeine-free and naturally flavored, and is the only hangover prevention drink on the market containing B1, a vitamin proven to offset the after-effects of alcohol consumption.  With only 60 calories per can, MERCY is geared toward health and weight-con scious consumers — a growing category in the beverage space.

“This is for the person whose week may include a night or two out, but regardless needs to be productive everyday,” Shor closed.

Legendary Mixologist, Alex Ott, collaborated on the development of MERCY’s light citrus flavor profile. Ott brings more than 18 years of professional experience, and is the only alchemist to specialize in “no-hangover” drink menus.  Ott has created more than 270 cocktail menus for celebrities, awards shows (including the Academy Awards, Emmys and MTV VMA’s), world-class restaurants, bars and clubs around the globe.

“The challenge for us wasn’t developing a beverage that was packed with a high level of nutrients, it was creating one that would be rewarding to the palate as well as the body,” reflected Ott.  “Because they contain so many interacting ingredients, perfecting the flavor profiles of most functional beverages requires a nuanced and studied approach.  To create Mercy’s unique citrus essence, I called on my background in biochemistry and my years of exposure to countless flavors and fragrances.” 

MERCY has plans for widespread national distribution and will begin with a rollout in the Northeast at bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels.  MERCY is also currently available via and retails at $11.50 for a four pack of 8.4 oz. cans.  


MERCY’s CEO, Dave Shor introduced his hangover prevention beverage to the market in March 2011, nearly 8 years after the initial “light bulb” moment.  In 2003, he came across a remarkable study in Inflammation Research, which showed how to break down acetaldehyde, the most toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism.  The study described a laboratory experiment, in which laboratory rats survived an extreme and otherwise lethal dose of acetaldehyde when given a combination of certain vitamins and amino acids early enough.  Based on this evidence, Shor began experimenting – like tinkering around with home brewing a hangover-proof beer – before deciding to focus solely on bringing a functional detoxification beverage to market.  Based on several in-market consumer tests, and utilizing the data from several years of development, MERCY is being rolled out to nightlife venues, bars, restaurants and hotels, offering an efficacious and easy to use solution to help prevent the dreaded “day-after” sensation hangovers can cause.