Bai Brands Appoints Kat Haddon as Marketing Coordinator

PRINCETON, N.J. (Feb. 4, 2011) — Bai Brands ( has appointed Kat Haddon as its Marketing Coordinator. Haddon will oversee marketing and public relations efforts for Bai’s fast-growing line of natural, antioxidant-infused beverages.

Haddon previously served as a territory sales manager for Bai Brands in Connecticut, helping to expand distribution and sales of Bai beverages in the New England region.

“I am thrilled that Kat will be assuming this important responsibility for Bai,” said Ben Weiss, Bai’s founder and CEO. “She brings a tremendous level of creativity and enthusiasm to this new role, supported by an intimate knowledge of our brand and our goals through her experience in the field learning how our partners and customers are ‘getting Bai.'”

“In addition to loving the product, I am inspired by Bai’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit,” Haddon said. “This is an exciting time to be a part of the Bai team as we work to create a new landscape in the beverage industry. I am excited by the challenge of using new media tools to find fresh, innovative ways to help build the Bai brand and spread the word about our bevolution”

Before joining Bai in May 2010, Haddon oversaw strategic planning and brand development for a New Haven CT – based café operator, and also worked in a marketing capacity in the real estate industry. She is a graduate of New York University’s Stern School of Business, where she concentrated in marketing, entertainment and media.

Bai beverages offer refreshing, exotic fruit flavors infused with one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, the fruit of the coffee bean. Bai is the first brand on the market based solely on the coffee “superfruit,” which provides a much higher concentration of antioxidants than commonly found fruits such as pomegranate or acai.

Based on a scoring method used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to measure the total antioxidant power of foods and beverages (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, or ORAC), the coffeefruit extract found in Bai provides more than 40 times the benefit of acai per gram and more than 50 times the benefit of pomegranate. Bai is lightly sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice in its traditional line and organic stevia in its low-calorie Bai5 line, providing an alternative to high-sugar, over-caffeinated products. Unlike what is found in most energy drinks, a bottle of Bai contains 70 mg of natural caffeine — less than a typical cup of coffee — that is derived from coffeefruit and white tea extract.

About Bai Brands
Harnessing the benefits of coffee’s “superfruit,” Bai Brands produces the innovative line of Bai and Bai5 beverages to meet the demands of today’s health-conscious consumers. Bai beverages are powered by the coffeefruit — one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants and, until now, one of its greatest secrets. Bai beverages are available through an expanding network of retailers and distributors in the Northeast, the West Coast and the Midwest, as well as the Caribbean, Dubai and Panama. Bai won the Best New Functional Drink and Best New Beverage Ingredient awards at the InterBev 2010 Beverage Innovation Awards. For more information, visit