Block Island Beverages Announces Introduction of Bibbs All Natural Soda

BLOCK ISLAND, RI  (May 25, 2011) — Block Island Beverages, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Block Island Brands, Inc., announced the introduction of its first two flavors of Bibbs All Natural Sparkling Sodas—Sparkling Blackberry and Sparkling Blackberry/Lime.  At 90 total calories per bottle, not only is Bibbs a refreshing change from cloyingly sweet mass marketed sodas, the natural sweetness comes primarily from the blackberry juice itself – not from refined sugar.  Bibbs is also caffeine free, contains no artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives, is Kosher and will stain your beach clothes if not consumed neatly.

Enjoyable both as a mixer or just ice cold from the bottle (drink responsibly because it tastes really good), Bibbs’ maiden offerings are available throughout Block Island and is gaining momentum on the mainland—Bibbs is also available on the Block Island Ferry.  For an up-to-date listing of all locations carrying Bibbs, please check .

Block Island Beverages, Inc. also announced the development of four additional flavors of Bibbs which will be available later this season – Blackberry/Raspberry, Blackberry/Pomegranate. Blackberry/Pear and Blackberry/Cherry (we experimented with Acai berry but it tasted too much like gym socks).

Bibbs All Natural Sodas was developed by Block Island Beverages, Inc. to bring to Rhode Island a refreshing sparkling beverage intended to capture the natural sweetness and flavor of Block Island’s abundant wild blackberries. You can interact with Bibbs on Facebook and Twitter and read about it in the Block Island Times and EdibleRhodeIsland.

Block Island Brands, Inc. also produces Block Island Bayberry Company’s all natural bayberry scented soaps and candles and Block Island Beach Balm all natural unscented lip balm for relief from sun, surf and wind (