Blue Gold Beverages Acquires the Exclusive Distribution Agreements for Lamborghini Energy Drinks

HOUSTON, TEXAS–(Marketwire – May 3, 2011) – Blue Gold Beverages, Inc. (PINK SHEETS:BGBV) has acquired the exclusive distribution agreements for Torino Lamborghini Energy Drinks, Pit Bull energy bars, as well as all products developed by Epic Nutrition Inc. The company acquired these assets from Epic Nutrition Canada in exchange for 5 000 000 million restricted common shares.

The distribution agreements acquired from Epic Nutrition Canada are in line with Blue Gold Beverages strategy to grow revenue and shareholder value. Epic Nutrition Canada’s strong management and close working relationship with Epic Nutrition USA will be a great asset to Blue Gold Beverages. Blue Gold Beverages believe Torino Lamborghini Energy Drinks and Pit Bull Energy bars can grow into multimillion dollar brands.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Blue Gold Beverages, Inc. is a leading high end producer of private label water and specialty beverages in North America. Some of our products include all natural sodas, teas, non-alcoholic wine coolers and energy drinks. Blue Gold Beverages head office situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, we use 3rd party bottling plants strategically located across North America depending on the geographical location of our clients. With the recent acquisition of TY Recycling, Blue Gold Beverages has entered into the polymer Recycling business, selling PET and Nylon waste. This is in-line with the company’s strategy of becoming environmentally responsible by eliminating its carbon footprint, and increasing shareholder value.