Dennis Rodman to Reveal GTOX® is “Secret Ingredient” to his Hangover Blocking Shake on the Jay Leno Show

(August 5, 2011) This Friday on an episode of the Jay Leno show, basketball Hall of Fame inductee and notorious partyier Dennis Rodman will share his hangover cure secret to the world.  In what should be a very entertaining interview Rodman will be announcing he mixes his hangover blocker shakes with GTOX® the Hangover Blocker 4oz detox shots.  GTOX® is a patented detox shot that when consumed before bed, helps the body turn alcohol toxins into water soluble compounds naturally for faster recovery.

GTOX® the Hangover Blocker detox shot was created by Applied Food Sciences, Inc a Austin, TX based health and wellness organization that specializes in providing nutritional solutions for the food, beverage and supplement industries.  For more information visit, or call 1-800-345-9666.