Fentiman’s Will Launch 9.3oz Tonic Water

VANCOUVER, January 2011 – This March, Fentimans North America will be launching its signature Lemongrass infused Tonic Water for the first time in full sized 9.3 fl oz (275ml) bottles.

As an already well-known staple for top bartenders and mixologists across the continent, Fentimans Tonic Water has taken the world of cocktails by storm since 2008 with the company’s initial 4.2 fl oz (125ml) mixer bottles imported from the United Kingdom. Previously used almost exclusively in on-premise accounts such as restaurants and bars, Fentimans Tonic Water has proven a hit for customers and bartenders across the continent.

Demand from the retail consumer base for Fentimans Tonic Water has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two years and FNA is pleased to announce our next new flavor in the full-sized Fentimans lineup. The new flavor will feature an all new bottle presentation and uniquely designed 4-pack carrier, to match the already award winning packaging of the original Fentimans six flavor lineup. Fentimans Tonic Water will be available for distribution in North America in cases of 24x 9.3fl oz bottles, complete with 6x 4-pack carriers in each mother carton.

ABOUT FENTIMANS TONIC WATER Like all Fentimans drinks, Fentimans Tonic Water is uniquely brewed using centuries old methods. The crucial ingredients – an organic grain base, milled quinine bark and lemongrass from Asia, cane sugar (not the saccharin or fructose corn syrup that gives most tonic water an artificial taste) and purified water are poured into special brewing vats. The mixture stands for long enough to extract every element of flavor and allow those flavors to marry. It is then pasteurized to stabilize the volatile oils and fix the flavors. There’s 0.5% trace alcohol in Fentimans Tonic as a result of the brewing process so it blends with the spirit instead of diluting it. But most important is the taste.

All the ingredients including the sugar are 100% natural so there’s none of that cloying flat chemical taste associated with mass produced tonic water. Instead a natural sweetness shines through. Because Fentimans Tonic is carbonated for longer its fizziness makes it more mixable.