FitPro to Launch New Ready-To-Drink All-Natural Protein Beverage

FitPro “Real Milk Protein” is the newest ready-to-drink all-natural protein beverage for serious athletes, fitness and sports enthusiasts and anyone looking to incorporate more protein into their diet

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 29, 2011 – FitPro “Real Milk Protein” will be rolling out its beverage line this fall with the offerings of two delicious flavors: Chocolate Milk Shake and Vanilla Milk Shake.

The all-natural protein beverage brings an innovative selection to those looking for a great, real milk, lactose and gluten free ready-to-drink protein beverage.

While similar protein drinks are made from powder, FitPro starts with real fresh milk and filters its liquid protein to provide a high protein, low carb RTD. It contains a natural balance of the nine essential nutrients found in milk, with the added bonus of high levels of natural CLA found in their hand selected cows.

“FitPro is simply a better way for people to get more protein throughout their day, helping them improve their physical fitness, build muscle, accomplish any other fitness-related goals they may have, or just sustainment through their day,” said Brad Kloss, Chief Manager and Owner of FitPro. “It’s based on the diverse experience of our team and the focus we have on health and wellness.”

Kloss grew up caring for the cows on his family’s small dairy farm in Minnesota, later learning about the value of nutrition and a proper diet while participating in sports as a young man. In addition to serving as a dairy nutritionist for family farms across the Western and Midwestern U.S., he also owns a number of fitness clubs and knows the importance of protein in one’s daily diet.

Kloss’s business partner, Phil Vannette, grew up in Michigan and was one of the best marathon runners in the country. He now works as a premier dairy farmer in central California and owns hundreds of milk-producing cows. FitPro was born after he and Kloss grabbed a protein drink after a workout, and realized that there had to be a better way to make it. They have teamed up with partner Madelyn Welles, a lifelong body-building competitor and a respected voice in the fitness industry.

“FitPro is the only protein drink on the market that truly utilizes the natural essential nutrients in real milk,” Kloss said. “We are very excited to offer this great product to consumers around the world.”

Packaged using long-life technology, FitPro is available at an affordable price, as costs for expensive refrigerated storage and shipping have been eliminated with a 12-month shelf life.

FitPro is the only RTD endorsed with the Real Dairy seal. To learn more, visit