Hangover Joe’s “The Hangover Recovery Shot” Partners With Canada Dry!

October 18, 2011 – Hangover Joe’s “The Hangover Recovery Shot”  has recently been picked up for distribution by Canada Dry Bottling of Lansing, MI.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Hangover Joe’s,” said Randy Shanker President of Canada Dry Bottling.  “Hangover Joe’s is an excellent product and the branding with The Hangover movie is really outstanding.”

Hangover Joe’s is leading the way in the functional lifestyle products category.  Since the release of  The Hangover movie edition recovery shot, retailers across the country have been placing orders, and the product has been performing well on counters & shelves around the United States.

“The product really is effective at relieving hangovers, and our branding is really what is making it such a success,” said one of the directors of Hangover Joe’s Products. “What people like is that we are a functional lifestyle product that fits their active lives. This is a morning after recovery shot  If you’re drinking, you’re not always thinking about how much you consume. Hangovers just happen, and there are over 30 million hangovers a week in the United States.”

“Hangover Joe’s is really fitting a niche in the market place,” the director continued. “In this economy, people are drinking more and this is the perfect product for the times with the perfect branding.  When you wake up after a night out, you’re looking for something to relieve your hangover in the morning.  This is where Hangover Joe’s comes in. People are on their way to work and see it in  convenience stores or they pick it up at the grocery store or the liquor store. And everyone loves The Hangover movies. It’s excellent branding for our Hangover Recovery Shot!  We are glad to have Canada Dry Bottling as a partner, and we are adding more distributors and chains everyday across the country. The brand is really starting to explode nationwide. It’s very exciting.”