HDX Hydration Mix Signs ASP World Tour Professional Surfer Brett Simpson To Its Growing Roster

Two-Time US Open of Surfing Champion Defends His Title This Week With HDX’s Added Benefit of Hydration, Strength, Endurance and Recovery

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (August 1, 2011) – HDX  Hydration Mix (HDX) announced today that local hero Brett Simpson has been  added to their rapidly expanding team of healthy, eco-conscious athletes.

Simpson is the first professional athlete to join HDX’s growing  team, which includes surfers John Mel – USA boys under 12 Champion, Cole  Houshmand, Christian Saenz and Shelby Detmers. “Having Brett on the team will  surely inspire and mentor the younger members of the HDX program as they  transition into their professional careers,” said HDX Founder, Vipe Desai.  “Each individual on our team embodies HDX’s core mission to promote healthier  choices and protect the environment through eliminating plastic bottle usage.

Currently ranked 18th on the ASP World Tour, 26 year-old  Simpson is a rising star whose unprecedented back-to-back wins at the US Open  of Surfing have launched him onto the world tour and into international  recognition.

While defending his title during the next 6 days of  high-performance competitive surfing, Simpson will enjoy the sustained  endurance provided from HDX. “I’ve been training and drinking HDX for the past  few months,” said Simpson. “I’ve noticed a big difference, not just from being  better hydrated, but it also completes my total training regiment mentally and  physically. It’s amazing that a drink mix can give me mental clarity and  quickly replenish my body during intense training and  competition.”

With plans to come out on top for the third year in  a row, Simpson will undoubtedly benefit from HDX’s concentrated blend to stay  hydrated and at the top of his game during continuous rounds of surfing in the  summer heat.

“Brett is a serious athlete who trains regularly to  compete at this elite level of the sport,” said Desai. “He’s an ambassador for  surfing, a quintessential professional athlete, and a perfect fit for our  roster. HDX is dedicated to delivering the best products to athletes, and  Brett will help us amplify that message on a larger  platform.”

About HDX Hydration Mix

HDX Hydration Mix is  powdered beverage drink mix made with an advanced electrolyte blend that is a  mix of seven of the body’s most important electrolytes. HDX provides multiple  benefits for maximum hydration, and with our proprietary blend of  electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, our product is a true sports  performance drink. HDX Hydration Mix becomes a one-stop source for four  functional benefits: Hydration, Strength, Endurance and Recovery. No other  product provides this proprietary blend of benefits using natural ingredients.  Just add water to HDX Hydration Mix and you’re ready to go whenever and  wherever you need it.  Mix it up in your favorite reusable water bottle,  and help prevent more plastic from ending up where it shouldn’t be. We call it  Eco-Hydration, where what’s good for you is also good for the planet.