IX MiXer – The World’s First Mixer That Helps Prevent Hangovers

DENVER, CO  (April 5, 2011) – Point Brands, LLC, would like to officially announce iX MiXer, the first mixer that helps prevent hangovers while consuming alcohol. The product, which has been on the market for about a year, is currently for sale online and at several Colorado bars and liquor stores.

iX MiXer is formulated using a mix of electrolytes and light carbonation to hydrate and nourish the body while drinking. According to MedicineNet, the common symptoms of a hangover — nausea, headache, sensitivity to light, lethargy and other symptoms — are the result of dehydration and vitamin deficiency. iX MiXer is designed to replenish those vitamins and hydrate while drinking.

“All the current ‘hangover cures’ on the market today are products that a person must remember to take after he or she is finished with a night of partying. We all know that, honestly, this rarely happens,” said iX MiXer CEO Jeff Somers. “And, the fact is, once you’re done drinking the damage has already been done to the body. The trick is to address the symptoms before they kick in, and that would be while the alcohol is being consumed. “iX MiXer,” Somers said, “is the first hangover prevention method that helps reduce the risk of dehydration and vitamin deficiency while drinking.”

iX MiXer was created by four friends from the University of Colorado who had indulged in libations many times in their four-year stint at the party school. As Somers, Lisa Lovett, Guy Adams and Nick Rolston struggled with their regular party-related illnesses, they collaborated to invent iX MiXer, a product infused with the electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to ease hangovers. iX MiXer is made with all-natural ingredients and is a bubbly carbonated beverage that comes in two flavors, Berrie iX and Citrus iX. The drink helps keep the body hydrated while drinking and continuously replenishes key nutrients that will keep a person hangover-free.

About iX MiXer

iX MiXer is a naturally flavored, caffeine-free, lightly sweetened, alcoholic mixer. With its unique combination of electrolytes and minerals, iX MiXer helps the body sustain and replenish nutrients during the drinking process. As an aide to prevent hangovers, iX is mixed with any brand of liquor to create a delicious, refreshing cocktail.

iX MiXer is available in bars and liquor stores in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. It is also available for purchase online. For more information, please visit www.ixmixer.com.