Key Science LLC Releases BLUE O4 Oxygen Enhanced Water

Clermont, FL (March 21, 2011) – Functional beverages have commanded the attention of sports enthusiasts for more than two decades. While water is absolutely critical to prevent dehydration, it is also essential to maintain the cushioning between the joints, muscles, bones and connective tissues. That is why every athlete knows that drinking water is critical in performing at peak efficiency.

BLUE O4 ( has taken hydration and functional beverages to a new pinnacle by introducing the first and completely natural oxygenated enhanced water. Why oxygen? Without oxygen the body cannot make the energy it requires to function correctly. Muscles require oxygen-energy; the brain requires oxygen-energy. So, it sure makes sense toincrease the availability of oxygen.

Athletes also understand the importance of reducing recovery time (recovery time is the amount of “time” to “recover” from energy expenditures like running or swinging a bat. If you can reduce the time, you can play more and play harder.

Welcome to the essence of BLUE O4. Made from a formulation of pure spring water and infused with ASO® Activated Stabilized Oxygen, BLUE O4 may just provide more bioavailable oxygen to make the difference between success and failure, first place or second place, that extra goal or exhaustion.

Don’t be fooled into believing we’ve somehow reintroduced bottled water with oxygen gas. Nothing could be further from the truth. The ASO® molecule is stable, non-toxic and completely natural. We can boast a two year shelf life and bioavailable oxygen levels hundreds of times more than tap or standard bottled waters. You simply have to taste and experience the BLUE O4 difference. 

BLUE O4 is also eco-conscious. The BLUEO4 rPet bottle is among the first in the U.S. to be made from recycled PET plastic, reducing the world’s carbon emissions.

BLUE O4 with ASO® Oxygen Enhanced Water.  Any place.  Anytime.  Oxygenated Water in a portable, disposable, and recyclable bottle!  BLUE O4 with ASO® helps explode the body’s energy levels, improve concentration, calm the nervous system and help to remove toxins. That’s why professional and amateur athletes are raving and twittering about BLUE O4. BLUE O4 is currently being used by professional athletes from the NFL, USA TRACK and FIELD, and USA BASKETBALL.

For more information, including distribution opportunities, contact:

Key Science LLC., / Blue O4 Water Products

13900 CR 455, Unit 107, Suite 129

Clermont, Florida   34711

Toll Free: (855) 4-BLUE-04, (425-8304)