Kombucha Kamp Shakes Things Up with The New Year’s ReVolution “Swap Your Soda – Drink Kombucha!” Challenge

Replace your soda (or coffee, energy drink, juice, etc.) with Kombucha for 30 days and see how you feel

(Los Angeles, CA) Dec. 20, 2011 – Kombucha Kamp, the #1 Kombucha site in the world, is excited to announce the official launch of the 30 Day Kombucha Challenge (30DayKombuchaChallenge.com) on January 2, 2012, in conjunction with the return of “New Year’s ReVolution: Drink Kombucha 2.0.” Kombucha Kamp’s “Swap Your Soda” Challenge encourages participants to kick their soda, coffee, energy drink or even juice habit and instead try 4-8oz of Kombucha 1-3 times a day for 30 days.

Hannah Crum, founder of Kombucha Kamp, challenges consumers: “I dare you to discover what changes you notice by swapping your soda (or coffee or energy drink or whatever!) for Kombucha for 30 days.” As New Year’s is the ideal time to connect with those ready to make healthier choices, Kombucha Kamp is partnering with more than a dozen national, regional and local brands, high profile eco-sites including Organic Authority and Green America, and a network of nutritionists and health and nutrition blogs, to raise awareness of the many advantages of drinking Kombucha instead of coffee, chemical-laden energy drinks or sugary juices and sodas.

In total, “New Year’s ReVolution: Drink Kombucha 2.0” will give away over $5,000 in prizes, including complete Kombucha home brewing systems, a free month’s supply of bottled Kombucha from participating Kombucha companies, nutrition counseling, cleansing kits and more. Confirmed sponsors include High Country Kombucha, búcha live kombucha, Beyond Kombucha, Aqua Vitea Kombucha, House Kombucha, Deane’s Kombucha, Fab Ferments, NessAlla Kombucha, Buchi, Lionheart Kombucha, Kombucha Mama, ThéBÜ, Revive Kombucha & Herbucha, with additional companies expected to join. More than 20 companies
have agreed to donate free drinks and prizes to “30 Day Kombucha Challengers.”

Kombucha, fermented and often flavored tea, caught on with health-store and trendy crowds over the last decade, emerging in 2011 as the darling of the functional beverage category and a must have accessory for celebrities. With double-digit sales growth and the number of drinkers expected to double over the next 2 years (1), Kombucha is poised for an even bigger breakout. What’s driving Kombucha’s rise? Concerns that over consumption of sugary and other “crash-and-burn” beverages has lead to an increase in obesity (2) while supposedly healthy choices such as juice and diet sodas may be causing health problems rather than preventing them (3). Kombucha is part of a larger trend: consumers dumping soda for functional beverages (4).

Liz Wolfe, Lead Nutritionist for the 30 Day Kombucha Challenge, explains: “While we ALL know that ditching sugary drinks cuts empty calories from the diet, sodas – yes, even diet sodas – can cause dehydration, mineral imbalances, unnatural cravings, and even increased risk of disease. Replacing soda with Kombucha is more than a ‘better choice’ – it’s a spectacular one!” Liz recommends Kombucha to clients for post-workout electrolyte replacement as a real food alternative to sports drinks.

Learn more at 30DayKombuchaChallenge.com and KombuchaKamp.com.

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