KRONIK To Retail Three Of Their “All New” Formulas In Over 1,100 Kangaroo Express Stores

PHOENIX, AZ, May 31, 2011 (PRESS RELEASE) — KroniCo, LLC., makers of Ultra-Premium KRONIK ENERGY Drinks®, a favorite of the action sports community and its enthusiastic followers, announced today the execution of an agreement with The Pantry® that authorizes KRONIK to retail 3 of their “All New” formulas in over 1,100 Kangaroo Express stores in 8 states. Already the 4th best-selling brand in Arizona and officially known as “Chronic Fatigue’s worst nightmare”, Kronik Energy drinks are quickly becoming a major player in the Energy Category. With full distribution across the western US already covered, they are setting their sights eastward.

“We are so honored to be welcomed into the Kangaroo Express family; this is such a big win for us, and some major validation for the brand.” Says Chris Wickson E.V.P of Sales and Marketing. “This gives us a solid foothold in the southeast, as well as a stepping stone into other area retailers”. Initially 3 flavors will be available (Blue Citrus, Blue Citrus Low-Carb and Vengence) with room for expansion if the brand does well. Wickson finishes by saying “If we can at least match what we’ve done in the Southwest, it will be a runaway success”.
We continually hear from people that they cannot easily find our products,” said James Gabriele KRONIK’s VP of Operations. He added, “The Kangaroo Express deal gives us a major retailer in the Southeastern U.S. and greatly expands our distribution footprint.” Under the agreement KRONIK has been given five cooler shelf facings as well as custom in-store POS materials and promotional pricing. Management believes that this agreement strongly positions the KRONIK ENERGY brand in a market with millions of potential new consumers.
To help ensure a successful launch of their products, KroniCo will be hosting sampling events at various Kangaroo Express locations throughout the summer. Dates and times will be announced via social media outlets e.g. Facebook and Twitter.
About KroniCo, LLC.

KroniCo, LLC. makes Ultra-Premium KRONIK Energy Drinks®, the award-winning, best-tasting energy drinks available anywhere. Kronik Energy has cracked the code on big time energy AND big time flavor with a proprietary blend of “Top-Tier” ingredients and four incredibly delicious flavors: Blue Citrus, VENGENCE, Entourage and Dragon Berry. All four flavors are available in both “Regular” and “Low-Carb” varieties and are unbelievably good but still deliver an undeniable kick. All “Low-Carb” formulas include a proprietary blend of additional supplements designed to help curb appetite and boost metabolism. KRONIK ENERGY is a proud sponsor of many motorsports teams consisting of top athletes from Sprint Cars, Closed Course racing, BMX, and Skateboard and has received tremendous TV and media coverage. Countless Chain and Independent retailers throughout the Western U.S. sell the Kronik Energy Brand including Stater Bros., AMPM, Smart n Final, Albertson’s & Terrible Herbst.