MacroLiquid Company Finalizes Beverage Formula

Charlotte, North Carolina (PRWEB) September 17, 2011The MacroLiquid Company has reached one of their biggest milestones in the creation of their first product as they continue on their way to serving the CrossFit community a beverage that is specifically formulated for the elite athlete. MacroLiquid is approaching the beverage industry with a unique twist that consists of using real food as the main source of nutrition as opposed to supplements. Although fish oil has been the craze in the health industry when it comes to reducing inflammation, the MacroLiquid Company has provided an alternative with flax seed oil. This eliminates the side effects of fishy after tastes and effects.

“It took us some time, but I am highly satisfied with the results. Our drink will have a few nutritional boosts but not too many that would cause your head to spin,” says Joey Pellegrino, COO of MacroLiquid. “No fake ingredients or scientific hoopla claiming to cure everyone’s ailments or cancer. Just a better option for athletes and trainers forging excellence.”

Although the label seems to have a masculine appeal, the liquid is purple and recommended for all genders. “Joey and I have noticed that there are still a large number of people, including experienced athletes, who forget to include protein at every snack and meal,” says CEO Douglas Cotty. “This is most common among women still, because there are too many protein fortified products that are primarily geared towards men. That’s a problem, especially in this physically demanding program. We want to help fix that.”

The final few steps before production are said to be underway within the next few weeks. As of September 12, 2011, the beverage is undergoing its stability and shelf-life testing phase. “As with any successful product out there to date, perfection should not be rushed. Our company promised a high quality and nourishing product. We intend to keep that promise,” says Douglas Cotty.

Through it all, the two partners have been patient and have continued to keep their fans updated on Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the MacroLiquid Company is still promoting their offer of free samples that is scheduled to end September 30, 2011. There has also been rumor that any affiliates and athletes, who register, will receive finished products rather than standard sample sizes.

About MacroLiquid™

MacroLiquid™ is a unique beverage company in pursuit of formulating drinks that aid elite athletes in rigorous training without the use of unknown ingredients and questionable supplements. MacroLiquid is soon to be released and will be available online for those who are seeking a better alternative to other products. MacroLiquid will contain 14 grams of protein, 18 grams of low glycemic index carbohydrates, and 2 grams of flax seed oil. Fruit puree, whey protein isolate and favorable fat is a powerful combination that can benefit any serious athlete who aims to reach optimum physical performance and efficiency. The MacroLiquid Company was founded by Douglas Cotty from Charlotte, North Carolina with his partner, Joey Pellegrino from Columbia, South Carolina after realizing that a beverage balanced in macronutrients could benefit people like them who are on the pursuit of excellence through the CrossFit Community. For more information visit or MacroLiquid’s Facebook page.