MADE Drinks Company Partners with Cascadia Managing Brands

Chicago, IL (Sept. 8, 2011) – A partnership to shake up the beverage world. MADE Drinks Company is pleased to announce it has entered a sales, marketing, and management agreement with Cascadia Managing Brands. With over 70 years of combined beverage experience, Cascadia will provide strategic sales support to help increase distribution of MADE’s delicious natural and organic green tea and fruit juice drinks through both DSD and natural channel partnerships.

“MADE Drinks Company is ready to expand its customer base. It has always been our goal to provide great tasting, organic drinks to anyone who wants them and Cascadia will help us achieve the next level of sales and distribution” says Charley Snell, Founder MADE Drinks Company.

MADE uses only the finest organic green teas and fruit juices to produce a refreshing drink that is packaged aseptically. Aseptic packaging means MADE requires no refrigeration, which helps the environment. As a company with a conscience, Snell wants consumers to feel great about their drink choice and know that not only does it taste good, but it’s doing good.

MADE comes in five luscious flavors, Raspberry Peach Green Tea, Blueberry Lemon Green Tea, Pomegranate Lemon Green Tea, Strawberry Lemon Green Tea and Blackberry Peach Green Tea. MADE also produces 10 Calorie MADE and Organic MADE Lemonade.


About MADE Drinks Company

MADE is a Chicago-based, conscious company in business to make products that support good lifestyles for people who pay attention. MADE is committed to bringing refreshment made with organic and natural products to thirsty people everywhere while remaining committed to being honest about processes, practices and materials. MADE Drinks Company distributes the MADE® line of organic drinks. For more information visit: or call 847-386-6670.

About Cascadia Managing Brands

The Experienced View. Cascadia Managing Brands offers deep expertise across all key functions and areas of the food and beverage industry. We are directly responsible for strategies and programs that helped brands leaders become brand leaders. Cascadia Managing Brands helps brands reach critical mass faster, cheaper, better, and smarter. From Business Plan Development to the actual execution of the plan, from strict consulting advice to managing your sales plan; Cascadia Managing Brands is the outsourced resource for large and small beverage companies alike. Over 70 years of food and beverage experience including Evian, Snapple, PepsiCo, Nabisco, Nantucket Nectars, Carvel, Fresh Samantha (Odwalla), Naked Juice, The Switch, Clearly Canadian and many more. References available upon request. For more information about Cascadia Managing Brands please visit us at