Minnesota’s Largest Budweiser Distributor Now Carries “The Hangover” Recovery Shot

McDonald Distributing, Minnesota largest Budweiser distributor has picked up Hangover Joe’s “The Hangover” Recovery Shot and will be placing the product in convenience stores, bars and liquor stores all over the Twin Cities.

“We found this product at the NACS show, and we looked at a few other hangover recovery products, but this was hands down the best product at the show for hangover recovery,” said Jake Sauter, the Sales Execution Coordinator for McDonald Distributing.”

“We are really going to get behind this brand and push it,”  Sauter continued. “We are looking to having it out into the stores for the holiday season. It’s such a natural. The product has excellent branding with the characters from The Hangover movie on the bottles, and we feel its going to fly off our stores’ counters in the  Minneapolis metropolitan area. This gives our customers that sell alcohol another choice besides energy at the counters, and that’s  what we have been looking for –  more options to gain profits and  turns.  This is  really a no brainer. You’ve got the leading hangover product  branded with the biggest selling movie about hangovers and people buying alcohol at point of sale; we love the concept.  Hangover Joe’s is the leader in the functional lifestyle beverage, and its a perfect fit for us.”

Hangover Joe’s directors are also very excited with working with McDonald Distributing.

“We know they’re going to do the brand well for us and its really an achievement to be getting on more and more counters and having McDonald’s as a partner,” said a Hangover Joe’s director. “We are working hard each day to grow the brand, and it’s just exploding around the country. You know your doing something right when [a Budweiser distributor] picks up you’re brand! We are landing more distributors and retailers monthly, and it’s a lot of fun.  This is a fun brand and its really taking off!”