OJO Fortified Eye Care Nectar Appoints Cascadia Managing Brands To Bring OJO To Market

September 13, 2011 – OJO fortified eye care nectar, the world’s first Dr. formulated eye care beverage, is thrilled to announce the signing of a definitive management agreement with Cascadia Managing Brands. Cascadia will take charge of refining and activating the brand’s go-to-market strategy and helping the company forge relationships with the beverage industries’ top tier accounts.

After an exhaustive search, Dr. Jodi Luchs, CEO and Founder of OJO, chose Cascadia as the most appropriate fit to help distribute this first ever functional eye care beverage. Dr. Luchs said, “It was clear that the expertise, experience and chemistry was there with Cascadia Managing Brands, and I especially gravitated toward that spark in their eyes for this product. I’m confident that together we can make this product available to the millions of people who suffer from eye disease. Our task now is to get OJO fully commercialized, on trucks and on shelves and I trust that the Cascadia team are just the people to get the job done.”

Cascadia Managing Brands offers deep expertise across all key functional areas of the beverage industry, what they call, “The Experienced View.” They are directly responsible for strategies and programs that helped brand leaders become brand leaders. They help brands reach critical mass faster, cheaper, better, and smarter. From business plan development to actual execution of plans, from strict consulting advice to managing sales plans, Cascadia Managing Brands is the outsourced resource for large and small beverage companies alike.

Bill Sipper, Managing Partner, commented, “We first noticed the product at the ExpoWest in Anaheim this spring, and when we saw their presentation at BevNet LIVE in NYC this June, we were blown away. They seem to have everything it takes to break into the market: true innovation, great taste profile, salient benefit, telegraphic packaging, brilliant marketing plan with solid sales support ideals and a great passion for the product and the target. We like to align our selves with wining propositions, and we’re hopeful this one can go all the way.”

Together they have over 70 years of beverage experience including Evian, Snapple, PepsiCo, Nabisco, Nantucket Nectars, Carvel, Fresh Samantha (Odwalla), Naked Juice, The Switch, Clearly Canadian, Zico, Hint and many more. For more information about Cascadia Managing Brands visit www.cascadiamanagingbrands.com.

While OJO continues to seek investors and strategic partners, at this time its plan is to begin commercialization, grow the brand and build momentum at retail, one account at a time.

Over 30 million Americans suffer from eye disease. OJO was formulated to be an alternative to the difficult to ingest AREDS vitamins taken by millions of Americans, which sold over $200 million in 2010. OJO offers a new preventative and compelling benefit to consumers, is the first of its kind, and holds a high projected rate of purchase. It tested well with the intended target and demand for the product continues to rise, catching the attention of one of the nation’s largest pharmacy chains and proving that the time is right for a product of this kind.

To order OJO for your store or inquire about how you can get involved with the team, visit ojonectar.com.


About Insightful Solutions, LLC

Insightful Solutions, LLC, established in 2009 in Long Island, NY, developed OJO fortified eye care nectar under the direction of Dr. Jodi Luchs, MD, FACS, the founder and CEO of the company.

After years of recommending the AREDS vitamins to his patients, Dr. Luchs realized that, despite the important therapeutic and preventative benefits of the AREDS vitamins, their multiple pill-related side effects made them intolerable to many eligible patients.

One morning while preparing for cataract surgery, an idea came to Dr. Luchs, now casually known as “Dr. OJO.” Since so many people have difficulty taking these important vitamins in pill form, why not create a great tasting functional beverage alternative based on the AREDS 1 & 2 studies, and include some additional natural supplements to provide expanded eye health benefits? Such a visionary eye health beverage would ensure that patients could get the eye care they desperately need in a modern, enjoyable, and convenient way.

Today, OJO fortified eye care nectar is available in three flavors for retailers across the country as well as at www.ojonectar.com. The formulation offers the millions of people at risk for, or currently suffering from eye disease, the protection and preservation their eyes need. Visit ojonecar.com for more information and to purchase the product online.

Dr. Luchs has published numerous journal articles on eye diseases throughout the ophthalmic literature, in addition to two books, and has lectured nationally and internationally. Dr. Luchs is Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, a Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American College of Surgeons, and the Nassau Academy of Medicine.