PRO FOODS LLC Unveiling the Re-Launch of New PRO ADE Formula and Labeling

Miami, Florida, August 1st, 2011 – ( – PRO FOODS is hitting the nation and Miami health conscious market hard with its new and revised formula of PRO ADE, the refreshingly delicious protein-enhanced water beverage. In response to consumer demands, the protein beverage is fortified with extra protein, electrolytes and essential nutrients. The changes in formulation reflect the market’s need for lower calorie, vital nutrients, and better tasting beverage options. PRO ADE’s new formula specs now contains an impressive twenty grams of protein, zero grams of fat, zero grams of sugar, and fundamental nutrients including potassium, sodium, and calcium all packed into just ninety calories. The unveiling of the fresh formula still includes fan favorite flavors of Black Cherry and Kiwi Strawberry.

The updated labeling focuses on highlighting the new formula with attention on fostering greater awareness and better-informed health choices for consumers. PRO ADE is the product of choice in helping consumers achieve their overall dietary and fitness goals of those trying to lose weight, increase performance potential, and in building lean muscle mass. PRO FOODS believes in not only staying current with market trends, but also innovating within the product and process level to offer consumers the best quality and best tasting protein products on the market. Founder and CEO, Damon Huynh, pays close attention to market changes and consumer needs as a commitment to offer a wide variety of products suitable fit for every lifestyle, occasion, and health necessities. PRO FOODS new release of the PRO ADE products will be available at major retailers, independent retailers, fitness centers, and health institutions nationwide.


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