StarNectar Consults The Stars to Create Personalized Refreshments

SANTA CRUZ, CA (May 13, 2011)— StarNectar, a local beverage manufacturer that creates custom juice refreshments, today unveiled a new label design in celebration of its new retail partnership with Whole Foods Market.  StarNectar has created beverages that contain several safe plant extracts that are harvested when the stars are arranged, similarly to how they are arranged during the month when you were born.

Thousands of years ago entire civilizations relied upon observations of the stars to not only make sense out of their lives, but also to treat illnesses and maintain healthy diets.  The ancient Greeks called it “Medical Astrology.”  They formed an association between all life on Earth including plants and humans with the visible stars above. Nowadays, science has introduced more logical, proven methods of treating illnesses and staying healthy.  However, for many people, there still remains an intriguing relationship between all life on Earth and the position of the stars above. 

 “We don’t claim that our drinks are going to cure or prevent any illness, nor are we claiming that there is any validity to medical astrology as compared to modern medicine,” said Eric Wick, founder of StarNectar.  “We’ve simply taken a page from the ancient Greeks astrological theories about growing and harvesting seasons to custom select the natural ingredients associated with the stars and your time of birth.  People are generally more interested in and loyal to products they feel are personalized for them.  Birth signs and their associated characteristic descriptions hold deep, personal meaning for many.”

StarNectar drinks are formulated in Santa Cruz, Calif., by industry experts.  They contain only natural ingredients and boast less than 100 calories per bottle.  “Sweetened with natural juice, organic cane sugar and stevia, our drinks contain less sugar than most any other naturally sweetened juice drinks on the market,” said Wick.

Look for StarNectar in upscale natural foods markets including Whole Foods Market in Capitola, Staff of Life in Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley Market in Scotts Valley, and New Leaf Community Markets in Felton, Capitola, West Side Santa Cruz, and Boulder Creek.

Founded in San Jose, Calif. in October 2009, StarNectar LLC is a manufacturer of natural, reduced calorie and astrologically customized fruit refreshments.  StarNectar is a privately held company and all beverage products are formulated in Santa Cruz, Calif. Call (831) 233-1863 or email for more information.