The MacroLiquid™ Company Announces Their Entrance into the Beverage Industry with a Unique Approach

The MacroLiquid™ Company announces their new & all natural performance beverage that will be released soon. This product will give athletes a real edge from real ingredients. With 2 grams of flax seed oil, 14 grams of protein, and 18 grams of low glycemic carbohydrates, MacroLiquid provides serious nutrition for the elite athlete.

Charlotte, North Carolina (PRWEB) August 20, 2011 – The MacroLiquid™ Company is planning on launching their first beverage that will contain Omega 3s, A.L.A., whey protein isolate, and a berry blend puree full of natural antioxidants with no added sugar. Unlike other beverages on the market today, MacroLiquid contains no additives, juice concentrates, or organic cane sugar making it very favorable to any health enthusiast. The beverage will also provide 250mg of glucosamine in support for joints and bones. MacroLiquid will be geared toward athletes who partake in a new but fast growing fitness program called Crossfit. Furthermore, MacroLiquid will be marketed toward nutritionists who are in tune with counting macronutrients and who also use food as their primary weapon against silent inflammation.

The MacroLiquid Company not only aims to provide a premium alternative to other sports beverages, but it also offers a helping hand to the fight against obesity. “Recently, we have been witnessing a revolutionary era of fitness and nutrition, but nutrition companies do not seem to be catching on. The elite athlete’s goal is to achieve optimum physical efficiency and that starts with what you eat. MacroLiquid is not only a step in the right direction but a profound one,” said Douglas Cotty, Founder and CEO of the MacroLiquid Company. Douglas Cotty is a National Guard soldier, a four year Crossfit follower, and an athlete at Charlotte CrossFit. Alongside him is his partner Joey Pellegrino who has been a Crossfit trainer for 2 years and has been a Crossfit follower for 5 years at Carolina CrossFit in Columbia, South Carolina.

“We are not salesmen nor do we want to come off as a business after a quick dollar. This product is for Crossfit athletes by Crossfit athletes. We want our customers to believe in our product and critique it in order to improve our formula and the way we conduct business. Our company is open to criticism, but we are also very thankful for support in what we are aiming to do; getting America back in shape and weaning consumers off of cheap foods that spike insulin levels and contribute to obesity,” says Co-Founder and Chief of Operations Joey Pellegrino.

MacroLiquid’s beverage will be launched soon and will be distributing free samples as it makes its way into the ever-growing food and beverage industry. As of now, MacroLiquid’s primary means of connection and communication will be through Facebook and later on their website that will enable customers to speak to them directly. Join them on Facebook today and become eligible for free samples or register online.